Monday, August 1, 2011

What was I thinking?

Ok, I thought I would be able to fanagal some time each day to devote to this blog. I thought FOR SURE that I would be posting a picture every day and do the 365 project just like I always wanted....meh....that just didn't happen.

Between countless emails, facebooks pages, photo sessions, edits, family time and a full-time job---this MOMMA is BUSY!!

I had not one, but two family members remind me today that they were disappointed in my blog. They would check each day in hopes that I would post some new pics of the family. Until they finally gave up, but then by chance they checked it today to see if I had written since March--no luck.

I decided to give my little hot bloggity-blog some attention. So here it is.... and here are some recent pics of my ever so fabulous family JUST for you special family members out there asking for some--you know who you are! :D

Oh and PLEASE excuse the lack of pictures of the D man. He's 2 and doesn't stick close to us, so he ran away from my camera for a majority of these pics.

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