Sunday, February 13, 2011


Big A grilled one of the BEST meals I have ever had. Lemon-Curry Chicken with coconut rice--yum yum!! He even busted out with a mortar and pestle to grind all the ingredients together for the marinade. It was DE-LICIOUS!

He threw it on the grill after several hours of letting the chicken soak up all the curried goodness. The best part is making sure that the chicken is pretty darn thin before you slap it on a mesquite grill. There is nothing worse than having a big chunk of chicken with seasoning on the outside and having the inside taste like a bird--blech. All those ingredients need to be tasted all the way through.
It was our preliminary Valentines Day meal. Thanks Big A!

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All these Halls said...

That looks so delicious.

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