Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today is my BFF's birthday.

I was trying to dig deep in my computer to try and find a recent pic of us, but unfortunately the last time I saw her was almost 2 years ago. She lives in Arkansas now. Too far from me.

We talk to each other often. And even if it takes months to get in touch with each other, we are always able to pick up right where we left off.

She knows everything about me--EVERYTHING. Too much perhaps, but isn't that what your BFF is for?

Her and I go wayyyy back. Like, I think we met when we were 7. We were at school and she kept telling me that her middle name was the same name as my first name. Over and over again. She thought it was cool, and so did I.

24 years later, we are still like the little girls we were when we met. We still can talk for hours on end until our husbands are telling us to get off the phone, we still laugh at things that no one else would find funny, we still have fun no matter what we are doing, and we still (somehow) are not sick of each other.

2012 marks our "Quarter of a Century Anniversary" as friends. We plan on doing something, although we don't know yet what that something is. It will be big, it will be fun, but most importantly, it will be us.

Happy Birthday L!

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