Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sometimes at night, Little A gets really silly. I mean REAALLLY silly. Everything is funny to him, and when you stop to ask him a question, he tries to answer in the middle of a laugh.

It happens every now and then. And when it does, I can't help myself but laugh with him. The other night was his night. And while I tried to tell him to brush his teeth and go to bed, he kept laughing and rolling on the floor. I told him to go put on his pajamas and this is how he came out.

It was pretty funny to see him hopping around and giggling the entire time. Actually it was quite entertaining, because he seemed so drunk on laughter that you couldn't even look at him without him bursting out laughing.

Oh how he cracks me up.


Virginia (Jenny) said...

Kids are so cute and they say the cutest things. My little girl said today some boys were picking on her at the park. She said she would have gone all ninja on them but didn't want to hurt them. She's only 5 but she cracks me up.

Angeles said...

How incredibly cute! I love this picture! what a fabulous idea to post a pic everyday of the year! you are building a series of beautiful memories! and proof of them too! congrats on your gorgeous family! :) love the asu tshirt!

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