Thursday, February 3, 2011


Each semester, Little A has an elective to choose from at school. Last semester he had a choice of doing Cultural Dance, Kickball, Frogs and Art. He ended up choosing kickball, and so every Wednesday his class would head over to the park and play kickball. Most of the boys ended up picking that elective, and most of the girls ended up choosing Cultural Dance. Of course.

This semester offered a new range of choices, from Dodgeball to Painting to Cooking to Studying a book. While I thought for sure he was going to choose Dodgeball, his first choice was cooking.

Every week he has come home with something new he has cooked in class that week. He started out cooking pasta and a homemade sauce on the first week, followed by hummus on week 2. This week he came home with some sort of a curried hummus with peas and pita bread. It was delicious.
This is what was left over after he ate some when we got home. I ended up eating the rest because it was so darn tasty.
Luckily at the end of his class, he'll be bringing home a recipe book of all the food that they had cooked. I'm so glad he's a part of this class.

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