Sunday, January 9, 2011


My oldest turned 7 today.It makes me feel old to write that.

Seven years ago, I experienced the greatest memory of my birth to my first child.

It was a long labor.

A difficult one.

And from the moment I saw him, I was instantly in love. I can hear his first cry right now...loud and high-pitched. His arms and legs shivering because he was taken from his warm "home." I held him tightly in my arms and cried. He was beautiful and everything I could have ever wanted. I had hoped that time would freeze for me, and in some ways it felt like that. The doctor was stitching me up, my mom was taking pictures, Big A was shedding tears and making phone calls.....and there I was, in bed with my baby.

Time has certainly flown by. I hate writing that, but it's true.

He's in 1st grade now.

He writes on his own, draws up his own characters, reads and plays in sports. He has friends....several of them who just adore him. He eats some interesting foods, and dives into veggies at every chance he gets--raw ones at that.

He's goofy, and is always trying to make everyone else around him, laugh.

He is the sweetest boy I have ever met. He has the biggest heart and believes that everyone in the world should be his friend.

I love him dearly.

He's my baby.

He's my boy.

And he turned 7 today.

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

Awww! I know how you feel! I love all those sweet moments right from the hospital all the way to drawing pictures, riding bikes, and thankfully still cuddling me even though they are getting older! I just wish they would stop growing up so fast. :P

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