Saturday, January 29, 2011


On Friday, we headed over to Little A's school for their annual book fair. There is something about books that I just love, because every time I am at the library or at my favorite bookstore (Changing Hands), I always find myself grabbing every book to check out like it was going out of stock.

I left his book fair with about 5 books in hand, a clip-on pen and a 3-way highlighter that smells. Trust me, I had to put some books and other miscellaneous items away because the cost was just adding up too quickly.

Their fair held games and activities for the kids. Little A played this floating duck game and won the "Grand Prize"--a poster. He picked out a Cardinals football poster with a Cardinals player that I know absolutely nothing about. I can't even remember his name right now either. But I guess anything was better than the posters that I saw some of the kids leaving with......a puppy with a pearl necklace, a horse galloping in the fields, a car....blah.
The best part about these school gathering is the fact that I get to chat with some of my favorite moms there. Nothing beats a few minutes of girl time while your kids are running around and playing games. It was great! I look forward to more of these fairs.

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