Friday, December 3, 2010

I vote for more "Ch" in Chanukah.

Today we celebrated Chanukah with my family. With my crazy work schedule and the fact that Chanukah came sooner than I had imagined, we didn't have time to go to my mom's house and enjoy her cooking. Instead, we headed over to Chompies for some delicious latkes and I helped myself to a nice bowl of matzo ball soup...yum!

Afterward, we went to my house to open up gifts. Every year I am reminded of a family video of my brother and I at Chanukah 1988 at my parents home. In the video, I am literally counting all of my gifts and trying to see if I have more than my brother. In that particular video, I did.

My kids aren't at that age yet, where the amount of gifts they get really matter, nor does it matter if they received clothes rather than toys. In fact, Little A is still in love with a shirt that my mom got for him. I don't think I took a picture of him holding it up, but he definitely exclaimed "Cool!" when he opened it, and he even refers to it as his "cool" shirt now.

The D man received much of the same things that Little A received, but in a smaller version of it.

It was nice to be able to spend the night with my family and enjoy our special night of Chanukah.

My mom and bro waiting for the kids to open their gifts.

The D man showing Big A one of his gifts.

Little A holding up a new shirt. Not his "cool" shirt though.

More gifts....

A new winter hat.

My dad pointing to whose gift is whose.

Transformers.....of course.

My bro helping D man open his present.

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