Monday, November 15, 2010


D turned 2 yesterday.

I cringe thinking about it.

I don't know if his crazyness will get any better.

We decided to keep his birthday party small. I mean REAL small.

When Little A was this age, I invited all of his playmates that he had at the time and it was chaotic. Cupcakes in my carpet, frosting on his new toys, screaming, running....the whole bit.

But this party was nice and calm. We had one of his friends over, and the rest were family.

We went with a Monster theme. I call D my little monster anyway so I only deemed it appropriate to have a party named after him.

I went online to my favorite online store Etsy. I found this shirt design

and had it personalized with the D man's name on it. (Ignore "Evan" on there).

I received my shirt within a week, and took it over to Sugarlips Cakery. I gave them the t-shirt and they were able to come up with this:

It was a rainbow cake inside and it was delicious. That place never ceases to amaze me. I hosted a baby shower earlier this summer for a friend of mine and they converted a jungle bedsheet (theme of the nursery) into this:

It was oh-so-yummy!

At any rate, enjoy the pics of the D man's bday.

Playing with his friend Elliot

My sweet little troublemaker.

Digging into his cake. With Little A and his cousin Kaitlyn.

Opening up his gifts with some help from Elliot.
Taking a ride in the wagon.

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