Monday, September 27, 2010

Dean and Loretta

"Kindness is difficult to give away because it keeps coming back”

It always amazes me when I run into "nice" people.

Actually, it's kind of sad when you think about it. Because how often do we encounter truly genuine good people in our lives? Now, I'm not talking about the cashier at the grocery store that asks you if you found everything ok, or the mom at your kid's school that told you how much she loved your necklace. No, I am talking about sincere people who brightened your day because they were truly-from-the-bottom-of-their-hearts nice.

I work in a very busy hospital when I am not playing Mrs. stay-at-home-mommy. I also work in a department where I can either see people leave with a prescription in one hand, or see people with their relative's donor paperwork in the other and hurting because they lost a member of their family that day. Each day comes with a new batch of stories of luck, miracles or tragic accidents. You never know what to expect.

My department closed at 3:30pm on Saturday. The doors were locked, most of the lights were out, and the only people there were myself and another co-worker pounding diligently at our enormous stack of work to do. Someone opened the door because apparently it wasn't truly locked and the alarm never went off, and in walks a very old couple with a piece of paper in their hands and panting sort of heavily not out of sickness, but frustration. They told me they were lost. They were suppose to find the information desk and stumbled upon my area instead. I told them to have a seat and they thanked me for wanting to help them.

With sweat coming from the man's face, he told me they were from out-of-state visiting a family member here and were driving around in circles trying to find their hotel before they ran out of gas. Now they needed a gas station nearby and directions to their hotel. They had no idea how to get there, which direction they were going, or what gas station was nearby.
You could tell that the weight of the world was resting on his shoulders. They were only here for 3 days to visit a family member, so I am sure that with all the traveling, the confusion with driving and visiting a sick family member were making him eager to just settle into their hotel room once and for all.

I printed out several maps for them and devised a way for them to get their gas right away while also making the directions to their hotel as simple as possible. I also took them outside and explained all the names of the streets that surrounded us and explained the grid system. They thanked me over and over again, and I sent them on their way.

The following day, I heard someone walk inside my department again. This time the alarm went off and immediately my co-worker went to go see who was trying to come in. She told the people that we were closed, and they apologized. But then handed her a flower and said "We are sorry. This nice young lady helped us out yesterday. She was sitting over here in this office and we brought this for her." My co-worker grabbed me because she remembered seeing them the day before. The old man handed me a vase with a rose and a card. Both of them thanked me for my kindness and said that they got to the gas station and hotel so quickly yesterday and that I made everything so easy for them.

I swear I could have cried. They were so sweet! I gave them both a hug, but not without them thanking me about 10 more times. I have to be honest with you--it made my day.

Thank you Dean and Loretta for making me realize that their are so many good people out there like yourselves.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


For the most part, these two little guys get along great, but like all siblings, they have their moments.
I thought that rather than post pictures of them in their happier moments, that I would take this opportunity to share with you some of those not-so-happy moments in our household that warranted this mamarazzi to bust out with her camera with a screaming child in front of it.


Refusing to go to bed.

Not getting his way

Fighting over who should get in the car
Time out Refusing to use the potty
Sundevil meltdown
Alright, so perhaps I was a little unfair posting most of the pics of D. But what do you expect from a 1 year old?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The goods

It's been WEEKS since I have been on here. Every now and then I need a little break from the bloggy/internet world--you know how that goes.

Big A and I are on a kickball team now through my work. Our first game is this Thursday and our team name is this:

[team logo courtesy of moi]

We had our first practice last week, and I thought we looked pretty good considering most of us have never played before. We have double headers every week that last about 45 minutes each. I am SO excited!

The weather has been so icky lately, and it just makes me want to stay indoors all day with a fan blowing in my face. On days when I am hustling and bustling with the kids in the morning, I can't even begin to tell you how eager I am to get in the car and crank up that A/C like no other. It's like one of the best feelings in the world when the sweat is dripping off your face, and that cold air just immediately makes everything feel better.

Last week I was able to kick one more thing off my bucket list--brewing beer. I went over to visit with some friends of ours that have their own beer making kit, and they allowed me to take control and make my OWN beer. Pale ale. It's currently brewing as we speak, and next week I'll be able to bottle it. I can't wait. I'll let you know how it tastes.

Yesterday, I took the camera out to snap some pics of the boys. I always tell people that I have the worst models EVER for pictures. The D man always runs away from me, Little A refuses to take pictures, and Big A can't smile right....kinda like that Friends episode where Chandler is faced with the camera during his engagement photos with Monica.



[Oh man, that episode was HILARIOUS]

This time I was lucky. Here they are:

Friday, September 3, 2010

Big A's Birthday

Ok, so I guess as you get older, you tend to not have so many out-of-this-world-crazy birthdays. At least, my hubby tends to have very tame birthdays. No planning, no getting together with friends, no surprises, heck--he doesn't even want any gifts.

For me, I consider myself a kid at heart. I would probably STILL have sleepovers if my friends' families would allow it, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE having birthday parties or dinner with my friends. I still love receiving birthday cards, and gifts, and eating cake and ice cream--I don't care how unhealthy it is!

So for Big A's birthday he didn't want to do much. He just wanted dinner with the fam, and that's all. That was his only request....Oh, and some "chocolate and coconut" smothered in there somewhere too.

So we headed out to Pita Jungle because we heart that place so much. It was a nice quiet dinner and for once the kids were on their best behavior...hmmm....must've been the fact that they knew a German Chocolate Cake was in store for them in just a few hours.

When we got home, we had some cake and opened gifts. Since Big A broke a window a few months ago playing golf at our house, it was only necessary that he get a golf net for his birthday....for his sake...and mine too.

Little A worked diligently on his card for daddy all day, and gave him his school project as a gift. It was a diorama of the weather system.

D's gift was a few extra gray hairs for daddy.

Happy Birthday Big A!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You can call me "Mom."

To say I had a hectic day yesterday, is a complete understatement. I was pressed for time, I was missing things that I SWORE were in places they should have been in, I was sweating (not unusual for me), and I kept thinking that I was forgetting something. I am still not certain what that "something" was.

I tossed and turned all night--AGAIN. It MUST be all the running around I am doing this week. It HAS to be!

Did I make Little A's lunch? Yeah.

Did he finish all of his homework last night? Yeah.

Did I pack all of D's items for daycare/preschool? I think so.

With both kids dressed and ready for school, and myself all one big hot mess (and trying to get ready to go to work in just a few hours), we headed off to take Little A to school. We headed over to his locker to drop off his Toy Story backpack and lunchbag, but the D man was holding the lunchbag and wouldn't let go. I mean REALLY wouldn't let go.

On top of it all, I had to talk to the teacher about some items in my son's homework folder that had some other kids' name on it. I let Little A run off to the playground while I wrestled with the D man and the Toy Story lunchbag. I took it away, but not without a fight, several "No's", and some tears...plenty of them.

I could hardly get a word in edgewise with his teacher, and I found myself talking in super-fast mode to get my questions out while also rushing her into answering those questions. I tried to keep my "happy" mom-face on while the D man was screaming and crying and angry at the fact that the Toy Story lunchbag wasn't in his possession.

I wanted to cry. I really did.

All I wanted was a moment of this teacher's time to have a decent conversation with her without the little guy causing such a scene. I left without finishing and hurried the crazy kid back into the car where all he did was scream at the top of his lungs and kick and cry.

We headed home briefly (which was not in the plans at all that morning). I wanted to find the D man's Toy Story backpack. I knew it was home....somewhere.

We ran inside. Literally. And checked every room for his backpack. Nothing. I checked closets, the laundry room, the bathroom, the garage, and even the car, but I found nothing. I apologized to him, but he continued to cry.

We got back inside the car, and headed over to his school. It was the D man's first day. I tried to calm him down before we got there because I did not want a screaming child at this school too. He quieted down the second we got inside and he left to go play on the playground (just like his older brother did on his first day). I snapped a few pics and headed out because I had maybe 30 minutes to head home and finish putting myself together for work.

It was only 9:30 in the morning and already I was exhausted, burnt out and bawling my eyes out in the car. For once in my life, I really truly felt like a mom. All the running around, the lack of sleep, the short conversations with adults, the screaming, the trying to find a stupid backpack, and the feeling that I forgot something just really consumed me at that moment in time. This was the first day of what the school weeks have in store for us.

I am taking it a day at a time.

I know that not every day is going to be like this one.

I know that I can't always make the little one happy.

I know that I can't let days like that get to me.

I know that I should probably wake up a tad bit earlier so I can get more things done.

I know that I will find that darn backpack.

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