Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A whole lotta firsts.....

It was Little A's first day of 1st grade yesterday. I hardly slept the night before, because all I was worried about was whether or not my alarm was going to get me up in time.

I have been so use to going to bed super late and sleeping in half the day that I was pretty sure I would be snoozing my way through the alarm. Luckily, it didn't happen, and I was up bright and early with the boys serving them up breakfast, making sure Little A's outfit looked just right for his big day and checking off all the necessary things he needed to bring to school.



Ok, we are good.
Being the HUGE Mamarazzi that I am, I toted my camera in one hand and a cranky 21 month-old little monster in the other hand as we entered Little A's first year in primary school. These, were the few pics I was able to get:
With his teacher, Debbie.

All items are in his locker!

Some of the other lockers getting filled.

Outside of his classroom.

Getting all settled in.

After the above photo was taken, he left me and the little D monster there all by ourselves. He wanted to go play with his friends on the playground. So much for capturing some memories, right? This is probably the reason why I couldn't shed a tear on his first day.

For once, he didn't need me. Not to hold his hand, or guide him around to make sure he knows where everything is, or to remove that little bit of toothpaste off the corners of his mouth that he ALWAYS seems to have when he goes to school.

Nope, nothing.

Not an "I love you mom, Bye!"


The boy simply got up to go play and that was it. Quietly I whispered, "I love you. Have fun today. I'll see you later" but those words barely left 2 inches from my mouth and I know no one heard me.

I'll admit that it hurt a bit. But I realized that he's getting older, and it's just something as a mother that I'll learn to deal with.

When I returned to pick him up, the class was finishing up on an art project.

He was so focused here. Either that or he was still ignoring me.

When we got outside, I asked him to take some more pics and he declined. "No more pictures," he said firmly, as if he were some A-list celebrity dissing a fan. Wow, okay....I didn't know what to say. He's getting older I'm afraid, and although I want to capture every moment of his life on camera, he needs his [little] space sometimes. I am slowly learning dear friends.....slowly learning.


Truthful Mommy said...

I can't even imagine My oldest just started Kindergarten and still very much wants me to hold her hand and kiss her goodbye, at her room door:)Maybe he's just trying to be tough:) Big hugs! Please be sure to stop by soon, the month of September I am going to be having a Be a Better Me (you) challenge, Because really don't we deserve to be a priority in our own lives?Happy Mothering!

Mass Hole Mommy said...

Wow too funny. First with the preschoolers and now let me tell you, my big guy is going into first grade, too. He doesn't start until next week, though. It's in a new school because the kindergarten was in a seperate building, so he's VERY nervous.

funfunfun said...

Following from blog hop....love to have you follow back.

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