Sunday, August 15, 2010


When I was in college, I bought a magnadoodle. Not for my younger cousins, not for my friends' kids, but for me. I know it sounds silly, but at 19 years old I could think of one reason why I REALLY wanted it and as a result it really helped me with one major problem--bad drivers.

You see, when you are driving in your car and some asshole cuts you off, or you are being tail-gated on the freeway for a long period of time, there isn't much you can do to get your point across to the other driver. You can honk at them, although I find it ineffective because on the freeway they can't hear anything. Plus some cars have really puny honks, like my car.

You can mouth all the obscenities you want to them and that still doesn't seem like it does much. Not everyone can read lips.

You can roll down your window and give them the old' one-finger gesture only to receive the same gesture in return.
You can shake your head at them like they're a kid and wave your pointer finger at them as if to say "Naughty naughty" and actually, that seemed to always get a rise out of people.

So because I live in AZ where we have some of the worst drivers, I purchased my magnadoodle to help educate these poor drivers on the road as well as let them know what I was thinking when they would pull some crazy maneuver in front of me.

Things like "What were you thinking?", "Didn't you read the sign?", "You can't turn on red", "Go back to driving school", "Wrong move buddy", "I don't think so", "What the?", and "Wait your turn" were my most common messages on my magnadoodle. Sometimes I would bring it along in my friends cars and use it then too. I thought that since I was going to ride passenger, I might as well inform people about the rules on the road. It was fun and I always tried to use good judgement on who I was going to send a message to.

I no longer use my magnadoodle for this purpose. Now that I have kids, I don't see it as something safe to use while driving. That same magnadoodle is still around and remains at my parents house. I have since purchased a new one. Something a lot smaller.

Nowadays, this is what I use the magnadoodle for. :)

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Ashley Sisk said...

LOL you make me laugh. I love that first shot.

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