Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final 2 weeks

We are almost nearing our end of the summer before school starts. And what better way to spend it then spending it with some of your classmates you will see in just a few weeks.

I took the kids over to Jump and Shout in Mesa. Little A got to see all of his friends and the D man got to chase them.

Little A with Trey
The D man was stuck in this area.
Hangin' around
Zane falling down the slide into a pile of blocks.
D was spending quite a bit of time at this drinking fountain. Then I remembered that he really has never used one, so I had to see what he was fascinated with. Upon closer examination, I found out that every time he leaned forward the water went on. Well duh, because his tummy was pressed against it. But then, every time he bent forward to drink, the water turned off. His tummy wasn't pressed against the button. I was laughing at his frustration.
He finally figured it out (after some help from me of course.)
The kids in their normal state.

And in their goofy state.
I thought this picture was too cute. Taegan was trying to get D to sit next to her. He looks so shy.
We headed over to Yo Dippity Yogurt afterward, and although I really didn't want to go there because we hadn't eaten dinner yet, I made a promise and I had to keep it.


They have about 10 different flavors of yogurt and about 50 different toppings (which is where they gank you price).

D's choice? Cookies and cream yogurt with Oreo toppings.Little A's choice? Cookie and cream yogurt with gummy bears and marshmallow cream on top.

Well over 50 toppings.
We had such a fun day and it was nice to sit and chat with the other mommies (which is always my favorite thing to do).


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fantastic day!!

Alicia said...

fun!! looks like the kids had a blast!! i love when kids discover the water fountain....its so funny!

Jo said...

I love the water fountain pix - that is one for the books! Visiting form Meet-up Mon

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