Friday, August 6, 2010

24 more days...

...until Little A starts 1st grade.
I am pretty sure his school is the very last school in our state to start because everyone else is bragging on facebook or on their blogs about their kids schools, and uniforms, and what backpack they took on their first day.

And here we are, sitting down, kicking back and enjoying the rest of our summer. We are still going out to the Museums and splash parks and movies. We are still staying up late (too late in my mind), and working on our art projects, and reading books, and hanging out with friends.

And although it seems like our playdate friends are slowly dwindling down to almost no one since they are in school, we are having fun and soaking up every moment that we have left.

1st grade is a big deal and I won't lie when I say that I am terrified that my son is going to be a 1st grader very soon. I'm not sure that exactly scares me about it. Maybe it's the name itself --"1st grade", because then "2nd" and "3rd" aren't too far behind, and then....well, you know the rest. I want my little guy to stay just that, "little", and time is just not cooperating with me right now.

When he went into Kindergarten, I went through the same mess of emotions that I am going through now. But now, those feelings have escalated and I just want my boy to stay where he's at. I feel like he is growing up too fast. So fast that the next time I blink he'll be sporting a moustache.


I know I'll get over it, just as I did about 2 weeks into his Kindergarten year. I just need time. More time.


Karen Kaye said...

Hold onto every second. My "baby" is starting high school next month. To me he looks like the photo of Little A with the moustache. A baby with facial hair LOL!

Looking back I feel like grade one was the beginning of the end. I sort of felt like his friends, other teachers and just outsiders were starting to influence him more and more everyday. I just tried to be secure that I did a great job when he was 100% under my spell and just let go.

I'm still working on it...

Ashley Sisk said...

The mustache is a nice touch! Thanks for stopping by today and for the follow. I'm following in return.

Brooke and Josh said...

THanks! Congrats to the little guy! I remember that grade, totally walked in on my teacher straddling and making out w/ her boyfriend on the desk.

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