Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A whole lotta firsts.....

It was Little A's first day of 1st grade yesterday. I hardly slept the night before, because all I was worried about was whether or not my alarm was going to get me up in time.

I have been so use to going to bed super late and sleeping in half the day that I was pretty sure I would be snoozing my way through the alarm. Luckily, it didn't happen, and I was up bright and early with the boys serving them up breakfast, making sure Little A's outfit looked just right for his big day and checking off all the necessary things he needed to bring to school.



Ok, we are good.
Being the HUGE Mamarazzi that I am, I toted my camera in one hand and a cranky 21 month-old little monster in the other hand as we entered Little A's first year in primary school. These, were the few pics I was able to get:
With his teacher, Debbie.

All items are in his locker!

Some of the other lockers getting filled.

Outside of his classroom.

Getting all settled in.

After the above photo was taken, he left me and the little D monster there all by ourselves. He wanted to go play with his friends on the playground. So much for capturing some memories, right? This is probably the reason why I couldn't shed a tear on his first day.

For once, he didn't need me. Not to hold his hand, or guide him around to make sure he knows where everything is, or to remove that little bit of toothpaste off the corners of his mouth that he ALWAYS seems to have when he goes to school.

Nope, nothing.

Not an "I love you mom, Bye!"


The boy simply got up to go play and that was it. Quietly I whispered, "I love you. Have fun today. I'll see you later" but those words barely left 2 inches from my mouth and I know no one heard me.

I'll admit that it hurt a bit. But I realized that he's getting older, and it's just something as a mother that I'll learn to deal with.

When I returned to pick him up, the class was finishing up on an art project.

He was so focused here. Either that or he was still ignoring me.

When we got outside, I asked him to take some more pics and he declined. "No more pictures," he said firmly, as if he were some A-list celebrity dissing a fan. Wow, okay....I didn't know what to say. He's getting older I'm afraid, and although I want to capture every moment of his life on camera, he needs his [little] space sometimes. I am slowly learning dear friends.....slowly learning.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mosaic Monday: ASU

Click on image to enlarge

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sneak Peek at 1st grade

Little A's 1st grade orientation was yesterday. They just HAD to plan it on our anniversary, didn't they? Not like we had any plans anyway, right? *ahem* read a few posts earlier.

So we I listened intently to the director of the school give her little spiel about the expectations, introductions to the teachers and what the classes will be like. D was stirring around and whining right as she started talking, so Big A took him outside to run around. Nice timing D, thanks.

They have an exciting curriculum planned ahead for these kiddos and I am so excited he is going to this school. Here are some pics from orientation:

With his friend, Vikram.

His little outside "locker" area where his lunch and backpack with go.
Standing in front of his "locker." Some of the books his class will be working on.
With his friend Dylan.
Hanging around in the tree house.
Some views of the campus.

D playing with a goat or as he likes to call it, a "Dogdee."

With his friend, Taegan.

His classroom.
The area where his schoolbox goes.
Daily schedule.

They have several animals on campus. I know I am missing some, but how cool is it to have animals at school? Well minus the hissing cockroaches and I am okay with them.

Looking forward to another year at DMS and so is Little A.

Flashback Friday

This is my first time taking part in Christopher and Tia's "Flashback Friday." How fun!

Flashback Friday Button

Here is me at age 3. Circa 1982....maybe a little '83ish. My hair was amazingly wavy and beautiful...*ahem* minus the frizz on top. But honestly, I can't get my hair to look that way anymore.

I was probably getting ready to run in the sprinklers just after drinking some Koolaid (you can see the juicy remnants on the corners of my mouth). It was during the summer for sure, and I am guessing that it was probably 100 plus degrees that day. It's ALWAYS that hot in Arizona during the summer.

My "running through the sprinkler" days are over with now. And that's ok, because nowadays I can sit in my air conditioned house and watch through the window as my little ones do the same thing....right after a tall glass of red Koolaid of course.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today, Big A and I are celebrating our 5th year of marriage. Normally, we have something big planned like a dinner at a nice restaurant and a night on the town followed by an obligatory exchange of gifts.....but not this year. We did absolutely no planning, no having the grandparents watching the kids or going out shopping weeks ahead to have something just for tonight....no. Nothing.

Both of our little guys are starting school next week (I am pretty sure we are the only ones around starting this late), and we have been so incredibly inundated with work and last minute things that the boys need before they start. My mind and body have literally been all over the place and I just haven't had a spare moment, not one, to devote to this special day for us.

At the very least, I thought that I would make an organic chocolate cake for Big A and I to eat tonight. That was the plan, but I realized that I am missing some items for class orientation tonight and so now I have to run errands to get them. Ugh.....c'est la vie, right?

Happy Anniversary Big A! I have been blessed with the most incredible husband and best friend who has enabled, encouraged and at times corrected me to be much more, and much better, than I could hope to be on my own. You are the most amazing husband a girl could EVER ask for. I admire you so much for your intelligence, your sense of humor (yes, you make me laugh!), and you're the hardest working man around. You really are. If we had never crossed paths 9 years ago, I don't know what my life would've been like. Thanks for everything you do for me Big A. I love you!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In a Yellow House Photo Challenge:Trees

Once again I am submitting another photo into the:

This challenge came pretty easy to me, because I immediately thought of some of the pictures I had taken at Tempe Town Lake a few posts back. One picture in particular was brought to mind and it was this one:

Normally I edit my photos, but this one I just couldn't. It's completely untouched.

I love the golden glow of the sun as it peeks through the trees, plus I love that haze that was leftover by a small burst of rain. And if you look closely in the far back on the left, you can see the Tempe Town Lake bridge.

Good luck with everyone's entries. Thanks for hosting this Ashley!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Simplicity Blog Button Design Challenge

Faith over at Simplicity is having a contest.

Here are her rules:

*Grab a pic from this set on my Flickr site
*Edit it - but please keep it in color
*Add some text - I like handwritten style scripts & typewriter fonts
*Post the button on your blog & link it up here.
*Linky closes next Wedenesday & voting opens
*Get your readers to vote for your button!
*Voting closes August 28th 11pm
*The winner with be payed $60 to help me with my blog-layout overhaul. Plus I will place their blog button on my blog until the next layout design change- free advertising!

Here is my entry:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Final 2 weeks

We are almost nearing our end of the summer before school starts. And what better way to spend it then spending it with some of your classmates you will see in just a few weeks.

I took the kids over to Jump and Shout in Mesa. Little A got to see all of his friends and the D man got to chase them.

Little A with Trey
The D man was stuck in this area.
Hangin' around
Zane falling down the slide into a pile of blocks.
D was spending quite a bit of time at this drinking fountain. Then I remembered that he really has never used one, so I had to see what he was fascinated with. Upon closer examination, I found out that every time he leaned forward the water went on. Well duh, because his tummy was pressed against it. But then, every time he bent forward to drink, the water turned off. His tummy wasn't pressed against the button. I was laughing at his frustration.
He finally figured it out (after some help from me of course.)
The kids in their normal state.

And in their goofy state.
I thought this picture was too cute. Taegan was trying to get D to sit next to her. He looks so shy.
We headed over to Yo Dippity Yogurt afterward, and although I really didn't want to go there because we hadn't eaten dinner yet, I made a promise and I had to keep it.


They have about 10 different flavors of yogurt and about 50 different toppings (which is where they gank you price).

D's choice? Cookies and cream yogurt with Oreo toppings.Little A's choice? Cookie and cream yogurt with gummy bears and marshmallow cream on top.

Well over 50 toppings.
We had such a fun day and it was nice to sit and chat with the other mommies (which is always my favorite thing to do).
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