Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What a scorcher!

To say it is hot outside right now, is an understatement. The temperature must be somewhere between 5700 Kelvin and Dante's Inferno Level 9.

I have officially given up makeup for the summer because, honestly, what the point? I melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West in those brief minutes I walk from my car to a store. My mascara is running, my armpits are glued together and my hair is all matted. I wear sunglasses which sometimes makes it worse because they almost feel like goggles. The lens starts to fog up and sweat starts to make its way into my eyes. It's dreadful and downright miserable.

I took the boys out on a playdate today. It seems that we have been doing a lot of these all summer long, which is good. Today we went to Tempe Marketplace and painted pottery at As You Wish. I was still trying to recover from my sweat epidemic while we were in there, so today was the first time I went in there without painting a thing.

I was eyeing a spoonrest the ENTIRE time because it kept calling my name...I SWEAR it was. It was sitting all alone on the shelf, naked and ready to have some color slapped all over it. I reeeeeaaally needed one, but with all the heat boiling my brain beyond despair, my right cerebral cortex was completely impaired and no creative juices were flowing; none. Sorry spoonrest, perhaps another time.

Little A picked out a robot. Well actually, let me back up a bit here. He picked up a stack of coasters when we first got there, and dropped them on the floor and broke them. The whole store froze and looked at me. You know, the bad mother that should've been watching her kid, but supposedly was checking out the price of the spoonrest instead which was apparently much more important? I apologized that my son shouldn't have been picking things up in the store and luckily the gal there was very polite and removed them and told him to be careful. Actually, what she was really thinking was "Listen lady, your son is too young to be picking up the pottery in the store, so could you please be a better parent and have him sit down and tell you what he wants, please?"

So Little A quickly recovered from that little episode and painted his Robot bank. His friend Alyssa painted a tiara.

We should be able to pick these up by the end of the week.
After painting, we headed over to the splash pad. The heat was unbearable and I was so jealous of the kids running through the water that I literally wanted to kick all the kids out of the area, lay down and have all the water jets pointing at me. Rosy cheeks on your kids is ALWAYS a sign that they need to come in. And there was plenty of that going on. So we coralled the kids in, got them dressed and headed over to CPK for the air conditioning some pizza and drinks.
I love how the D man has his mouth open....waiting for the food to enter.
Aren't these kids so cute?

The day was so much fun, but this heat is driving me nuts! Thanks Trisha for a wonderful day with the kids...heat and all.


Brooke and Josh said...

You blog? I thought only mormons did this stuff ha! Its good to hear from you. You will have to tell everyone hi!
I'm trying to get Camille back into blogging..so maybe with your help we can motivate her. Anyway, hope youre doing well.


ps your a good writer, I liked the post.

Anonymous said...

The heat and HUMIDITY is not much better on the East coast. I can totally relate! I had to laugh at the comment about having "no creative juices" left.

I'm a new follower.

WhisperingWriter said...

How fun!

Yeah, when I put on makeup it just melts right off. I shouldn't even bother anymore.

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