Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sandy Eggo

As you read this, I am currently in the desert somewhere. Sweating my ass off while en route to California. It is much deserved and I am soooo excited to be going there.

We had plans of taking the kids to Sea World again, to Legoland and to the San Diego Zoo, but this time we are doing absolutely nothing. And I like it like that. My friends remarked, "Nothing?" I am being a lame-ass and not making it a fun experience for my kids. But yes, that's correct--nothing. I am sleeping in, heading to the beach all day long with the family, gaining 10 lbs from all the eateries down there and doing absolutely nothing.

The kids love the beach, just as much as I did when I was a kid. I still find myself digging holes and burying myself, like a bodiless head laying on the beach.

I still like making a mountain out of sand and then trying to create a tunnel all the way through to the other side without the mountain falling apart.

I still enjoy picking up shells, cleaning them off and then keeping them for art project? a collection perhaps? I don't know, and perhaps I never will.

I still love laying on the sand where the water hits you just enough to make you feel like the earth is disappearing beneath you.

I enjoy "boogie boarding" and making a poor attempt to surf only to fall off and quickly look around to see if anyone else saw my embarrassing mishap.

I enjoy a slightly parched nose and sand between my toes.

And I LOVE the laughter and the smiles coming from my family, because they are enjoying the moment.

To me, that is a vacation.

Nothing more, nothing less


Krista said...

Have fun!! We didn't do too many extras, either - but the ocean is the best part of all!

new Mrs. Thomas said...

I will be following after reading your first entry. Your description of youth on the beach and the sand is reminiscant of my own. Feel free to follow me back if you wish! God blessQ!

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