Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Please excuse my appearance in this photo.
This was after a 12-hour shift.

One of my favorite co-workers left on Monday. I am so upset, but I understand why he had to go, and I am actually happy for him. He is an amazing friend and he probably has no clue just how much he is going to be missed. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself this week at work.

When you are in a routine at work and you say hi to the same people, and you badge in to the same machine, and you place your belongings in your desk and you sit next to the same co-worker all the makes it difficult if one of those is absent in the mix. Something just feels wrong. I know it will for me.

Rick always had something insightful to say, or a great joke to laugh at, or a suggestion for my gardening or how to make a meal taste better. So what do I do when all of that is gone? Find a replacement? Ignore it and move on?

Our work had a potluck for him. He even took part in his own potluck. When he left that morning from work (he worked a graveyard shift), he handed me a jar of his FAMOUS mango salsa. Like, can we say "delicious" 100 times over and over again? His salsa is the bomb!

No one makes it quite like him....NO ONE! And he receives so many compliments on it. It's sooo fresh and yummy. Here is a pic of it up close. I know it kinda looks unappealing in the pic, but trust me this stuff is gold!
I am trying to save as much of it as I can because I know I won't get to eat this again for a WHILE. Yum!
So enjoy your new journey Rick and good luck. Hopefully you'll come visit in a few months!

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