Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a bug's life

I don't know what it is about our yard, but we seriously have the coolest bugs on the block. Now, I'm not talking about roaches, termites and the kind of beetles that are bigger than birds. Noooo, I'm talking about the bugs that kids love! Ladybugs, snails, worms, butterflies, bees, and caterpillars. The cool kind!

My mom bought Little A a bug collector. Actually, she bought him a couple, and he just absolutely loves to use them. He picks up the bugs, places them in his bug bin and stares at the bug up close.

I used to do the same when I had an ant farm growing up. I would place the ants in my little ant farm, watch them up close as they would tunnel through the dirt and build their own little ant society. Then, I would try to give them some water (because I was pretty sure that they would be thirsty after all that digging), only to find out a day later that I killed them all. Were talking massive ant murder here.

Little A is different. He collects his bugs, stares at them for a long time and then feeds them. When he is pretty certain they have eaten enough, he finds a new home for them. And he gently places them on a new leaf, or somewhere near a bush.

Last night he found a little black caterpillar. I must admit that it was pretty darn cute. He was just walking inside the little jar like he was doing the wave--it was awesome!

Little A was pretty proud of what he caught.

He stared up close at it for quite some time.

The D man saw me taking pictures and wanted one by himself. If only I could get this little guy to stay still and look at me while I take a picture. Hmmm.....still trying to master that.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh reading about the massive ant killing! Too funny. I still battle getting nice pics of the kids despite them being four years old!

Krista said...

Lucky boys to have the coolest bugs on the block in their very own backyard! I used to be a bug collector, too - but only those tiny little black ones that come out when the lawn gets wet. We used to call them "tickle bugs" because they'd tickle our palms when we held them. I'd keep them for a while but let them go like your little guy because I didn't want them to die. :)

BTW - I really wish we could've met up this summer. Maybe we still can with the little ones!? :)

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