Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Frida!

I heart Google so much.

Anytime there is some anniversary, birthday or special occasion, they always get creative and jazz up their "Google" logo.

Today it is this:
My most faaaaaaaavorite artist in the entire world: Frida Kahlo. I fell in love with her in high school and had the fortunate opportunity of studying her in college as well.

I tell ya.....this lovely lady went through so much in her life. Between polio, a near fatal trolley accident, miscarriages, back pain, 30 operations, alcoholism, a tumultuous relationship with
Diego Rivera and numerous affairs...there are no other words to describe her but simply amazing.

Please, if you ever get a moment, read about her. And once you do, you will truly understand her and how all the events in her life effected her and her work.

Most people find her art vulgar and disgusting with all the graphic nudity, blood, death, and miscarriages. But what they don't see are the stories behind each of her paintings, and how deeply hurt she really was.

Every time I am in the bathtub, I think of Frida. Mainly because I am reminded of this painting titled, "What the Water Gave Me." (A favorite painting of mine) A metaphorical self-portrait of what life had given her floating in the bathtub. As I mentioned before, read up on her and you'll understand everything about her work. Trust me on this.

I could talk for hours about Frida because she is such an interesting individual. I could also probably give you an in-depth analysis on every single one of her works, but I'll refrain for now.

Today is Frida's birthday. She would be 103.

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