Friday, July 9, 2010

Beggin' for Bagels

My family loves bagels. I mean we reeeeeeeealy love bagels. So much so, that we have literally bitten through a dozen in less than 2 days. It's ridiculous, but oh my goodness how I love sinking my teeth into a really good one.

We normally get ours from Chompies or Einstein's because a good bagel entails a chewy one with a hard crust.

Not those nasty supermarket ones that are actually dinner rolls with a hole poked through the center. I'm talking about a delicious hearty bagel with a shiny caramel color exterior and a yeasty, bitter and sweet (all-wrapped-into-one) flavor. Yum!

And although Chompies and Einstein's are pretty darn good in my opinion the best ones (hands down) come from NY. I should know because Big A is from there and his family always brings in bagels for us. And trust me, there is a HUGE difference in taste and texture that the bagels here just cannot compete with.

One of my co-workers and I were discussing bagels once and we got into the topic of the perfect NY bagel. She didn't think there would be a difference in taste, so I gave her one of the one's that my MIL had brought down with her and HOLY SMOKES.....she said she noticed how different the bagel was right away.

I tell ya. Go to NY, eat a bagel and your life will never be the same again.

Little A enjoying his bagel. The boy could eat this for every meal.

The D man trying to put all of it into his mouth at once.

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Karen Kaye said...

I don't know... Montreal bagels are pretty darn amazing! Right out of the brick oven, it doesn't even matter what flavour they are or what you put on them. Mmmmmmm........

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