Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little beachy

Our trip went as planned.

It was wonderful and perfect in almost every way possible. We didn't want to take any extra trips to any amusement park. We spent our days on the beach, shopping, walking around and eating. We celebrated my mom's birthday while we were out there. Happy 40th mom! :)

Big A on our way to Cali. Guess he should keep his eyes on the road, huh?

The D man always makes a mess of himself in some way or another.
Little A talked himself to sleep.
The boys on the hotel couch just as we got in.
Big A wasted no time in getting his board waxed and ready for the beach.
This is the ritual for Little A--dig a hole before the waves take it away.
Working on training the D man to look at the camera.
The sandiest surfer around.
My parents with Little A near seal beach.

Excited to see the seals.
This little one just climbed on the rock near us.
Mes parents. (sorry, the caption needed a French twist to it)
Oh D man....
We went to the Birch Aquarium later that day. It was located right near our hotel and we thought it would be something the kids would enjoy--and they did. Little A sat in through a presentation on Sharks and even raised his hand and contributed to the questions from the presenters.

I think this picture looks like those fake backgrounds for at-home aquariums.
Blowing starfish.
Picking up sea life.

Searching for starfish.
Leaving the aquarium.

Beautiful mom by some beautiful flowers.
After the aquarium we took a stroll down the street from our hotel. We sat near this little park in the middle of this amazing neighborhood and enjoyed this view.
Me and the hubs!
The following day we were on our way to Coronado Island. It was overcast on our way there, but it was completely sunny and hot when we parked and started walking around.

My parents at the Hotel Del sign.

We had some of the best ice cream I have ever tasted at Mootime Creamery.
Little A enjoying his scoop of mint with sprinkles.
The beach on Coronado Island was hot. I burned my feet as I tried to chase the D man.
Shopping along Orange Ave. after our meal at the Rhino Cafe.
The next day, we stopped by the Kobey Swap meet for some shopping and we came across these hilarious t-shirts called the "Sweaty Shirt." Big A loved these so much that he bought one for himself, but regrets that he didn't purchase more.

Big A posing near the headless mannequin where the skankiest outfit there was just snatched up by a very brave customer.
The D man chowing down on some Mexican food. His fave!

The boys at the bay.

We love to jump!
A square cupcake for my mom on her birthday from Cupcakes Squared which was oh-so-delicious!

It was the prefect treat to end our vacation.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sandy Eggo

As you read this, I am currently in the desert somewhere. Sweating my ass off while en route to California. It is much deserved and I am soooo excited to be going there.

We had plans of taking the kids to Sea World again, to Legoland and to the San Diego Zoo, but this time we are doing absolutely nothing. And I like it like that. My friends remarked, "Nothing?" I am being a lame-ass and not making it a fun experience for my kids. But yes, that's correct--nothing. I am sleeping in, heading to the beach all day long with the family, gaining 10 lbs from all the eateries down there and doing absolutely nothing.

The kids love the beach, just as much as I did when I was a kid. I still find myself digging holes and burying myself, like a bodiless head laying on the beach.

I still like making a mountain out of sand and then trying to create a tunnel all the way through to the other side without the mountain falling apart.

I still enjoy picking up shells, cleaning them off and then keeping them for art project? a collection perhaps? I don't know, and perhaps I never will.

I still love laying on the sand where the water hits you just enough to make you feel like the earth is disappearing beneath you.

I enjoy "boogie boarding" and making a poor attempt to surf only to fall off and quickly look around to see if anyone else saw my embarrassing mishap.

I enjoy a slightly parched nose and sand between my toes.

And I LOVE the laughter and the smiles coming from my family, because they are enjoying the moment.

To me, that is a vacation.

Nothing more, nothing less

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MNO (Mom's Night Out)

"Good Morning, Good Morning."
(Sorry, a little bit of an inside joke for my mommy friends.)
I had a mom's night out this past weekend.

Every mom needs one of these at some point in their life -- a time to get away from the hubby and the kids for a day or two and hang out with some friends (other mommies).

I finally took some time away for myself. I needed it. I've been such a stressed out mess lately, and it's all been causing me to lose sleep and not focus on my daily activities.

I got together with some of Little A's friends mommies over the weekend. We stayed the night over at the Theodore Hotel. We arrived early with all of our snacks and alcohol for a preliminary night on the town. Our friend Tracy, was able to hook us up with a super deal at the hotel with a room that has never previously been occupied.

Our beds for the night.

Half of our bathroom.

Rochelle in 80's glasses.

For some reason, I still think these glasses rock! Diana and I with just a few drinks inWe began our night out at KYOTO....not to be confused with Kyoto Bowl which is completely different. They served us up some excellent teppanyaki food.

I had some delicious scallops which I hope weren't from the Gulf.

My eyebrows nearly came off after Caesar torched the table.

There's nothing more Japanese than a Mexican serving teppanyaki--nothing.

We had some saki bombers and I broke my glass while trying to do it. I am still not sure how it happened. It was definitely a first for me.

We headed over to Saddle Ranch afterward, and Diana had a wonderful time riding the mechanical bull.I would show you the video, but I would like to keep this post as clean as possible. :)

Tracy with her napkin rose.
I ran into one of my co-workers while I was there. Monica was wearing 12 inch heels, so I was happy she stooped down for this photo.
From there we headed over to Gilligan's where we met this rubber fist. I don't really know who owned it or why it was brought to this bar, but it ended up at our table.

Our mommy friend, Melissa, joined us here and we were so glad she came.

We stopped by Dos Gringos afterward for some dancing. Only to find out that the top floor (where they usually have dancing) was closed. Boooooo Dos Gringos for probably not hiring a DJ for the night and then making it seem like you were doing construction upstairs.....Booooo!!


We visited Devils Martini which was COMPLETELY dead and also to the Whitehouse where we were finally able to dance our booties off.
I have pictures from both events, but for some reason blogger was lazy and didn't add those pictures. And since blogger makes you drag all your pictures down to the bottom, I am going to be lazy and not add them--so there!
I had an awesome time with this crew and I hope we do it again.
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