Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way back WHEN-sday

The Bitch Flip circa 1992

I am embarrassed by this photo. I really am, but at the same time I can't help but laugh at myself. This hairstyle is HILARIOUS. Like really? Did I really think the "Bitch Flip" was a rockin' good hairdo back then? Obviously I did, because not only did I wear my hair like this ALL the time, but I also apparently felt it warranted a good spot in my school pictures that year.

The Bitch Flip also made her appearance at my softball games. Yes, it's true. She could be seen swaying in the wind in my sports photos back in the day. She was present with me during my ultimate kick-ass (and only) grand-slam of my softball career, as well as all the times I struck out opposing players from the pitcher's mound.

Her and I got along great during our short period together. She always had her ups and downs, especially when I ran out of my Rave hairspray. But for the most part she was a real trooper. Even on days when her and I weren't getting along and she refused to work with me....somehow or another I was able to bring her back up to her standing position to face the day.

She weathered the cold, battled the rain, and stuck with me through the horrible 120 degree weather years ago. Literally "stuck" with me because she turned into a goo that summer.

She had many tricks up her sleeve. One of them being her disappearing act while I was in the pool.

Clever gal.

Yes, it was a dear sweet friendship we had. And I was sad to see her go. A new hairstyle came along and slowly took away my beautiful cascading bitch flip.

Oh, how I miss thee.....


Unknown Mami said...

Brings back memories. I sported this thing I call The Wall O'Bangs. What were we thinking? We were thinking it looked good is what we were thinking.

Lise said...

This made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Ah, Bitch Flip... you were so good to us all in the 80s.

Arizona Mamma said...

So funny! I totally had it too. It looked like a wave perched right above my forehead.

Xandi said...

I had it fact, I think pretty much everyone had it. I used Rave hairspray too (extra super duper hold..or whatever it was called). I had wings too with my spiral hair was so fried, but I thought I was too cool.

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