Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Something old. Something new.

Ok, I'm embarrassed. But I HAD to include the above photo so I could get my story across. This, is my class photo from 5th grade. I'm on the 3rd row in the pink shirt. You wouldn't be able to tell, but I also had a lovely little "bitch flip." Small, but definitely recognizable and ahem.....VERY hip in the early 90's!

To the left of me in the photo (as you're looking at it) is my friend, Salina. She's wearing the white shirt with floral jumper. This is where my story starts....

Back in '90-'91, my very good friend Salina and I were in the same class. Hence, the photo you see above. What I remember about her is a birthday party I went to that year. A sleepover with a few friends, and her baby sister vomiting all over me because I was bouncing her on my lap after she ate. Trust me....I have since learned not to do that ever again.

I remember her beautiful mother, her crush on Marco and her solo in the Christmas choir concert. She always had an amazing voice. That's probably it, at least that's all my 30-year old brain can remember right now.

I saw Salina two more times after our 5th grade year. I believe she moved, or switched districts, but I didn't run into her again until High School when she was singing the National Anthem at a wrestling meet at my school, and then again I ran into her in college showing said baby-vomit sister around the campus.

We found each other on facebook, and tonight I will meet her after many many years of passing one another here and there.

I'm nervous, excited, and scared.

It's normal for me to feel this way. At least, I think so. What's difficult is expecting that person to act just as they did when you were kids, and when they are completely different or bizarre, there's almost a sense of disappointment running through your veins.

A very good friend of mine flew over to Hawaii to see her friend from middle school. They were very close friends for a few years before one of them moved. They weren't reacquainted again until facebook came out.

Oh, facebook. How I love thee...

While she was looking forward to meeting her friend in Hawaii, she was tremendously disappointed with how it all unraveled. Her friend was nothing like how she remembered her to be, and was so incredibly annoying that my friend was actually excited to leave Hawaii.

I'm hoping tonight won't be anything like that. But it still makes me wonder what's in store for me tonight, and can we pick up where we left off years ago and form a new relationship.

Stay tuned.......


Danielle said...

Definitely staying tuned... I hope all turns out great!

Arizona Mamma said...

How fun! I'm curious to see how it goes. There are some people in life, that no matter the amount of time that passes, it feels like just yesterday that you were together. Hoping it's that sort of experience for you.

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