Monday, April 26, 2010

Sir Talks-a-lot

I talk A LOT!

I always have.

So much, that I remember a friend in high school once telling me that I talk too much.

Not as in gossip, but that I just have a lot of things to say.

And he's right.

There is almost always a constant dialogue running through my head, that in some cases, needs to be vocalized.

I can pretty much out-talk anyone. Not that it's a contest or anything, but I am usually the one doing the talking in any kind of conversation. Today, however, I met my match.

I was taking a short trip to the mall to buy a gift card. I was in the parking lot getting D out of the car when I noticed a guy walking closer. Because we were at the mall sooo early, I thought he was probably an employee coming into work.

I pulled the stroller out as he was coming up closer.

I started to doubt my first instinct of him being a mall-worker because he looked like he was trying to come closer to me. Two thoughts ran through my head: He's either going to sell me something or ask me for some money because I really didn't see him getting out of a car. In fact, I was pretty certain he was coming from the street.

"Good Morning! How are ya?" he said cheerfully as he kept walking.

"Good. You?"

"I'm doing really well, actually. I got a really good night's rest. Got up early, had myself a nice cup of coffee. I watched a little bit of TV. I'm unemployed and just walking around occupying my time. Thought I would come up hear to the mall and look around. It's nice...." he answered back as he continued to walk away from me.

Wow....I seriously think he won.

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blueviolet said...

Really? Why in the world did he feel he needed to share that much? LOL

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