Monday, April 5, 2010

Shake it shake it shake it, now shake it!

I felt like I had an extreme case of vertigo yesterday while I was at work. My desk was shaking, the window and the window panes were swaying and the blinds were moving to and fro. The ground was a bit wobbly and for some reason, I thought maybe there was a bad windstorm or the maintenance guys were up to their usual air conditioning/roofing repairs.

My co-worker was sitting close by. She was trying to help me out on a patient's chart at work when we felt it. For a couple seconds I probably thought it was her leg shaking, but when I looked at her and noticed she wasn't even moving---I freaked out.

"Earthquake" She said firmly. "I'm getting under the desk."

The ground was still moving.

"Are you kidding me?!" I exclaimed. "I'm taking my ass outta here!"

And so I grabbed my phone and headed out the front door, where other curious co-workers were awaiting.

Everything subsided. And I returned to my desk, googled "earthquake" and found that one had just hit Baja California 6.9 (as it was initially reported).

And that, my friends, was my first earthquake aftershock experience.


Brandi said...

Yikes! Scary!!! We get hurricanes... but at least we get notice to get the heck out! ;)

Lise said...

I felt it, too! Was that not that craziest thing ever?!?! At first, I thought I was drunk, but then I remembered a) it was the middle of the afternoon, and b) I hadn't had a drop of alcohol...

Debra said...

I didn't know anything about how to respond to earthquakes until I moved here. You are *not* supposed to try to go outside, partly because the danger of broken glass.

Some people I know in Phoenix (like you) felt it, where others didn't.

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