Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Our moment in time

Newport, RI 2010

All I have to do is look at this photo, and smile.

My boys.

My beautiful, wonderful boys.

Perhaps I should print it out and make a copy for my desk at work. Hmm...now I'm thinking I should.

This picture was taken last month on our trip to Mass. We stopped into Rhode Island twice....mainly to go to the beach.

I won't lie. It was cold there. But I loved the cool air brushing across my face, the subtle waves hitting the sand, and my dear sweet little boys running with their clothes on toward the water.

Quite a mess I might add.

Oh, if every day could be just like those couple days we spent out there, I may think I was in heaven. It was so incredibly peaceful and beautiful and simple.

The boys were going crazy running up and down the beach, chasing after the seagulls, collecting shells and digging holes with their plastic shovels and buckets.

No fighting.

No whining.

No yelling.

Just utter calmness and playfulness unlike any other.

Big A and I walked along that line of sand that was just hit by the water. We didn't say much, but we really didn't need to. All the sounds were coming from two giggling little boys with sand between their toes and fingers.

I look back on our short trip there a month ago, and it puts my mind at ease. This is what "family" is all about...not having to say much, but enjoying each other's company in the process.

This was our special family moment.

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