Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today was her birthday.

Suppose to be, anyway.

I was reminded by a dear friend of mine as she left a message on my answering machine, that today was Betsy's birthday.

How in the world could I forget something like that?

How in the world could I forget that my dear, dear friend Betsy came into this world today some 30 odd years ago? (Jeez, I can't even recall how old she would be.)

Oh, how I wish she were here...... we could sing "Happy Birthday" to her.....

....or so I could have another cake made with a photo of her on it to make her chuckle....

I always loved her laugh.

How I wish I could go back 5 years ago to when I first met her in my "Infant Yoga" class......laughing at our silly kids, smiling, stretching...

Anything to go back to that day.

I visit our park. But probably not as often as I should. It's difficult for me to sit there and watch the kids run around and play and to not think about us sitting there. It's just not the same.

This is where we had our playdates with our friend, Susan, and her kids. The 3 of us.

This is where we brought our snacks and shared them with each other because for some reason the kids liked someone else's food better than their own.

This was our park.

But it's just not the same.

And I think of her often.

She had so many plans for her kids.....where they were going to go to school, the sports they were going to be in, maybe perhaps adding more kids to the bunch.

It seemed like the word was an endless possibility for her.

And yet, I still question why she was taken away.

Why do these things happen to good people?

Becoming a mother for the first time was a new adventure for me. I was happy to be able to share it with a wonderful group of women....Betsy being one of those women.

She was a wonderful "go-to" mom.

I think everyone needs one of those. Someone you can call for advice on parenting, kid issues, or pretty much anything you wouldn't feel comfortable talking to your mom about because you know you'll get criticized. She always had great advice, good ideas, cute crafts or just something incredibly positive to say.

I miss her.


But I know that she is still around here.

Looking down.

I'll blow out a candle for you tonight Betsy.

Today is your special day.


Unknown Mami said...

I'm sorry.

blueviolet said...

I'm so glad that Betsy was in your life while she was here on earth. What a wonderful and touching post.

Mommy Dear said...

Sorry for your loss. :-(
It sounds like there were lots of fun memories to hold onto today.

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