Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium

We went there yesterday.

I think in the past 3 days I have gone through a little more than a half a tank of gas. It's been quite a busy week.

Little A's Kindergarten class took a field trip to the west side of town. It was a long drive. A looong one.

One of the mother's from his class along with her daughter, road with us, so thankfully I had someone to talk to on the way over. It took us nearly an hour to get over there.

The last time I was there was when the Zoo was over in my area of town. Big A took me there when we were dating. So it's been quite some time.

The kids were so excited to be there. What kid wouldn't be? I mean, they get a day off from school to go on a field trip. How much better could it be? Sometimes, I wish my work would do field trips. I think everyone needs a day to kick back with their co-workers and have some fun.

We got there early in the morning. It was suppose to rain yesterday. If it did, the trip was going to be cancelled. I think in a way, most of us were secretly hoping it would be cancelled because we weren't looking forward to the drive out there. It rained, a little, but we still went.

Enjoy the pics from the trip.

The entrance to the zoo.

Little A with a couple of his friends from school.

Standing in front of the flamingo exhibit.

Entering the aquarium we saw this.
And this.
Little A staring at the various sharks and fish.
The white albino alligator. Little A thought he was dead.
Touching a starfish.
More fish.
The pretty fish.
The kids looking at the penguins.
More of Little A's friends. The D man was not liking the smell in there.
There was a log ride right behind them that they were enjoying.
Little A refused to smile for this picture.
In front of the warthogs.
The kids looking at the camel.
Stopping to pose with my boy.
These girls were trying to be "rhinos" by placing these tiny cones on their noses.
Um...yeah...this is what the kids saw as they entered the petting zoo.
He was having a great time in the petting zoo.
Um...yeah...more freaky stuff going on there.
No one was feeding her so she helped herself.

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Unknown Mami said...

I saw a white albino alligator and I didn't think it was real. I asked my husband why they would put a concrete alligator in the display and he started laughing at me. It looked like it was made of stone and it wasn't moving.

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