Monday, January 4, 2010

An ultra long one

It's been a while......did you miss me? I missed you too. My MIL, FIL, KK and her bf, DG came into town over the holidays and it was difficult for me to take time away to blog. On top of that, my computer is located in my bedroom where the family was staying, and well....I couldn't just bust into the room at any time to say "Um, excuse me but I REALLY need to blog now." Yeah...somehow, I don't think that really would have worked out.

My MIL and FIL just left Monday morning, and I needed a few days to recuperate. But NOW, I finally have time to sit down and write. Oh boy, where on earth do I begin...

The holidays came and went. It was certainly a loooooong holiday season for us. Hanukkah with my family, Christmas with Big A's family and then New Year's.

We had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner...courtesy of my MIL. In the evening we opened up our presents, and our family finally got a Wii!! I am excited about opening it up but nervous at the same time. I'll explain my thoughts on the Wii perhaps in another post.

Perhaps one of the funniest gifts I have ever seen. Jelly Belly beans in 10 disgusting flavors. All of them resemble regular Jelly Belly colors, but you never know which one you are picking. Juicy Pear or Booger?

The following morning, my MIL was making turkey before church. Now I don't know about you, but I could think of nothing better to do at 8:30am Christmas Day morning then to wake DG out of his slumber to cut raw Turkey wings off just before it's popped in the oven....could you think of anything better?

The following week, we headed out to Tucson. On our way there, we stopped at the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch. If you haven't been there with your kids--GO! It was fun, but at times, I found myself screaming because the animals are literally in your face. The Ostrichs crack me up because the second they see the food in your hand, they are ALL scrambling to lean over and eat. We all got a chance to feed them, along with the mules, deer, goats and birds. I happily avoided the bird chamber because as some of you may or may not know, I am not a huge fan of birds.

After that we headed over to the Hotel Congress for a bite to eat, but there was a 40 minute wait so we went across the street to Maynard's Market. The food there? Delish! Plus, there was no wait.

When we left there, we went to the San Xavier Mission Church. A church built in the 1700's that is just absolutely beautiful.

From there, we went to the Titan Missile Museum. KK and I weren't too thrilled about going there, because to be quite honest, it just didn't interest us. By the time we left, I think we had more of an appreciation for it. It is the only preserved missile site in the U.S.
During their visit, our family was able to go to the Greyhound park on their very last night before closing down. Climb "A" Mountain, drive up South Mountain, attend First Friday, pluck pecans from the trees at The Farm, go to the Phoenix Children's Museum, have lunch at the Heard Museum, and squeeze in some time for golf. My...what a busy 2.5 weeks we had!

Grandpa and Little A taking a break from golf

Trying to get it in the hole.
Some of the dogs at the Greyhound Park.

The Farm at South Mountain.
Fresh pecans

Papago Park

The D man was uncertain he wanted his picture taken.

At the Phoenix Children's Museum

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Haha! I loved the hole in the wall gang. lol!

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