Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To be, or not to be funny. That is the question.

Are your kids funny? Mine are. At least, in my opinion they are. They say and act so hilarious sometimes, that I have to sometimes ask myself "are these really my kids?"

No, but really. Take Little A for example at school yesterday. When I went to pick him up, he wanted to show me the "be-ginny pigs" outside. While I knew what he was referring to, I couldn't help but laugh at him because he was combining "guinea pig" with "begin" to form a "beguinea pig."

It reminds me of my brother when he was younger. He could never say the word "remember" and so he made up his own word for it called, "berember." I remember laughing at him when he said that, and I also berember remember my parents correcting him all the time. Of course, I had my share own share of "kid language" too. For example, I said "pregnic" for pregnant and "gingown" for nightgown.

It's apparent I wasn't a linguistic pro as a child.

I'm sure we've all experienced it when we were younger. Little A still makes up his own words and takes things in its most literal sense. Literally. Like when one of his teachers told him that he needs to ask the teachers for assistance in buttoning his pants if he's having problems with it. "We don't bite," she said. To which Little A said "Yeah, I don't want to be bitten." See what I mean? Literal.
And while Little A is more funny with what he says, D is quite the character in his physical acts. Although we still have a while to go before he starts chatting up a storm and making sense, D is freaking funny. I think my friends and family can attest to it. If you know D well, you know that his most favorite thing to do is eat. Not play with cars, not splash around in the tub, not run around outside with his brother, but EAT. I joked with my MIL when she asked me what she should get him for Christmas. I told her to make him a PB&J sandwich and wrap it up for him, because he would be more enthralled at a sandwich than he would at some talking bear or plastic blocks.

So one night I was sitting at the table with KK, and DG. We were watching the D man eat. Yes folks, it's that exciting! We watched him eat everything on his tray until it was clean. We laughed at the food that was in his hair and eyelashes. He wanted more food, so I gave him more, and more and more. We couldn't believe how much this kid was chowing down. I had to put an end to it and didn't serve him any more food. He whined a bit, but then discovered that his bib (with its attached catcher) had food in it. So he took off his bib and dumped out all the contents from it and then proceeded to eat all the food that had spilled out. This kid is an animal! After he finished, he spent a good 10 minutes entertaining us with his tongue music (minus the hand).

He had us all laughing for quite some time. But jeez, I tell ya, these kids make me laugh all the time. The crazy things they get into, the silly questions they ask (like when Little A asked the eye doctor if she was going to take out his eyes), and their own crazy kid language.

This silliness is the reason I love my boys so much. Because for all the trouble they cause, the bad attitudes and petty defiance; there is more amusement and laughter that outweighs anything wrong they do.

I am so proud to be their mother.


Michele said...

Hey Darlin...
That was a great post.
Your kids are hysterical ~ seriously!!
I love the pics too... ;)

OneLifeLiveIt said...

I found this by seeing you post on a hit the next blog button. Love the work you have put into it. Will be checking back.

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