Thursday, January 21, 2010

Meet, The Alligators!

Little A's old buddy from soccer gave us a call and told us that his basketball team needed a few more players to complete the team. Enter, Little A. We signed him up immediately and right away he fell in love with the sport. Their team name? The Alligators.

Here they are just before their 1st game.

Little A is # 28.

Dribbling before his pass.

His buddy Manuel from soccer. Friends since they were 3.

They had their first game this past Saturday and now they are gearing up for their second. This team consists of K-1st grade students, and it is just a riot watching them dribble, pass, and shoot on the court. Most are chasing the ball, cheering for the wrong team, staring off into space, or playing defensively when they are offense. It is so funny to watch.



blueviolet said...

They are just so cute...those little legs and long shorts...adorable!

Unknown Mami said...

Those Gators look ferocious!

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