Monday, January 11, 2010

The letter of the day? D

A great meeting was had today. And that great meeting consisted of an important member of my family and also a member of a very important industry in the world. It was something that I would like to call:

"D vs. Dentist"

At 13 months old and a mouth full of 8 pearly whites, D took a excruciating nice little trip to the dentist for his first exam.

While his older brother didn't have his first visit until he was almost 3 years old, I decided to take somewhat of the American Dental Association's advice and have D's teeth checked out at 1 year. You have to remember that D's first tooth erupted when he was just 4 months old, and although the ADA recommends a child's first visit when that tooth erupts, I just really didn't see too much logic in bringing a tiny baby to an appointment at 4 months. Could you?

So, back to the visit.

They informed me that it would be a "knee-to-knee" visit where I am sitting facing the dentist and ours knees are touching, while D is laying on ours legs with his face up and on the dentist's lap.

Alright cool, I was fine with that. I've done that before with Little A's doctors visits and he was pretty calm knowing I was right there.

They took a couple X-rays of his teeth. Top and bottom. How they did that on a 13 month old, I am still trying to figure out, but he did well and only shed a few tears.

We headed to the exam room with Dr. Rao. She is such a fabulous dentist. She's so nice, friendly, and very informative. Plus, I enjoy chatting with her on things that are unrelated to dental work, like our families, movies and schools.

They gave D a big Elmo to hold onto and laid him on our laps. He cried instantly. She checked for other teeth, which surprisingly enough, showed another tooth erupting....a back molar. She measured the gap between his teeth which (and I'm certain my mom wants to know) was 3mm in length.

He cried the entire time, but as the dentist indicated "crying is good because he'll keep his mouth open longer." And he did.

His teeth were cleaned and fluoride was added at the end. And the result? NO CAVITIES!

Oh and the reason no pics were taken? It was impossible.

Literally. I'm sure you understand.

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

That is SUCH a cute picture of him...those EYES!! And poor guy...I hate the dentist too...but YEAH for no cavities!! :)

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