Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I got my nails did

<----Ummm...not like that though.

I had some french tips put on and they look great. I'm not one of those need-to-get-my-fingernails-done all-the-time type people. You know, the ones that have some hip argyle design one week, and then the next week it's some funky design resembling the holidays that are around at that time? Yeah, I'm not one of those people.

So I headed over to the nail "place" by my house. To call it a nail "salon" would be too highly deserving. No fancy schmansy location, no hip name (it's simply called "Nail Lacquer" if that gives you any indication), and no surly teen at the front desk to greet me.

In fact, when I walked it in, I was asked immediately "Hello, what you want?" I was taken aback by her abrasive questioning, informal greeting and choppy grammar. I look around for the damn pricing list because for some reason I forgot what I was even coming in for. Perhaps I was focusing too much on the 4 words she uttered to me.

"Uh, I just need to get a full set with some white tips." I said, as I was still frantically looking around for a list of services to make sure I was using the correct nail terminology.

"Have a seat. There!" She said pointing to a chair and then resuming back to her work as she furiously filed away at her customer's nails.

The smell of acrylic, nail polish and lavender filled my nostrils. And still, I was trying to find a list of their services and prices. Where the hell is it?

"You want brow wax?" she yelled.

"Uh, no. I'm good thanks."

I was beginning to question my image. Am I really THAT hairy? Does she spot a uni-brow on me? Do they look uneven? Nah, shes just trying to make another sale off of me. At least that's what I drew my conclusion to.

She finished her customer and told me to have a seat. Again, she asked what I wanted and then asked if I wanted a pedicure too. I tucked my toes in and said, "Nope, I'm good. Thanks. I just recently had one." I could see where this was all going.

I reminded her again what I wanted.

She started pulling out the plastic nails and asked me whether I wanted the clear nails or the white ones. Again, I reminded her what I came in for. She asked me if I wanted white with pink powder. Although it came out of her mouth like something else, I had to ask her to repeat herself about 5 different times before I gave up and said, "Sure...I guess."

Then she turned to her co-worker and started speaking Vietnamese. They shared a couple laughs, and I am positive they were talking about me. Isn't this something they always tend to do? It's so completely annoying. It reminds me of this video below of comedian Anjelah Johnson. Have a look:

Despite the fact that going to a nail place isn't a fun experience for me, I have to admit....my nails look pretty damn good.

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