Monday, January 18, 2010

He's getting it

Little A is really doing well with his reading. This past summer we went to our favorite bookstore, Changing Hands, and picked up some beginner books for him. We were able to find book-sets in the "Bob" series as well as some other great early reading ones.

We make a point to read to him every night, and if we don't (because either we are super tired or we have some things we need to take care of), he gets upset. Now, the tables have turned and he is reading to us.

He's doing so well, and most importantly--he's getting it.

The letters aren't just pushed together to make a word, but the word is actually a noun, or a verb, or an article. His parts of speech are slowly but surely coming together to form a story and it just amazes me.

Currently, we are working on a new book-set called "Amazing Animals." And these books start him on the long vowel sounds.

So far, so good.

The 1st book he finished on his own.

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