Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Way back WHEN-sday

Little A's first Hanukkah

Little A's first Christmas
Yes, we do both.
When you have parents that come from 2 different religions, this is what you get.
Back in December of 2004 we celebrated Hanukkah at my mom's house. Little A was just 11 months old and was pretty clueless as to what he was suppose to do with a wrapped gift. He sat and stared, and Big A ended up opening it for him. He received so many gifts that year. One for each day of Hanukkah and then some.

At Christmas time, we normally fly out to NY to visit my in-laws. It's always cold out there at that time of year, and we end packing so many clothes because we are constantly layering everything. This was his second trip out there, and our first time celebrating Christmas with the grandparents. Again, same blank stare at the gifts with me and Big A showing him how to unwrap his gifts.

I look at these pics and he reminds me so much of the D man. Like, I just may have to start labeling these pics because my kids look too much alike.

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