Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Field trip to Kiwanis

Laugh at us all you want you East-Coasters or any other person that lives where there is snow. Out here in Arizona we aren't so fortunate. We don't have to get up early to shovel snow just so we can back out of our driveway, or call out sick because the garage door is frozen shut and our car is inside. We don't have to wear a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, a winter coat, thermal underpants, pants, thick socks, mittens, hat and a scarf just to check the mail. Oh no dear friends, we don't have that luxury.

But what we DO have is a block of ice to play on, and trust me, when you are a kid living in AZ, this is a big deal.

Today, Little A's class went to Kiwanis park for their field trip. They slid down a huge hill by laying or sitting on a block of ice.

I love telling my "snow" friends about this because they think it's our ghetto version of sledding. That may be the case, but at least my kids aren't packing on 50 lbs of clothing just to slide down a hill. Nope. We wear what we want, don't freeze our asses off, and enjoy the convenience of easily trekking back up the hill without snow slowing us down as we run.

The kids had a blast. Here are some of the pics I took:

The kids running up the hill

Getting instructions

The push
The slide

The finish

Me and Little A
Some of the other kids going down the hill
Some of D's biggest admirer's.
Little A in action!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mosaic Monday: Hanukkah

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silent Sunday

Thursday, December 10, 2009

He's officially a walker....I think.

For the past week, the D man has been trying so diligently to walk. It's been rough since his brother wants to jump in all the time and pick him up everywhere. Thus, hindering his walking. But within this last week, we have seen the D man only getting up to walk instead of crawling around like a little puppy.

Lately, I have been letting him walk around with me when we go places. He is so cute walking in his little shoes. The only thing we have to master, is how to keep his right shoe on his foot. For some reason that shoe is always falling off.

Enjoy this clip!

Cookie Mama

I've been baking cookies alllll week. It MUST be the holidays or something. I purchased this book at Joann's last week and I am in love with it.

I've made an old fashioned chocolate chip cookie and a chocolate malted cookie (the one on the cover). Both have turned out so beautifully, and I can't wait to share it with my family this weekend.

I wouldn't have been able to make them without my trusty sidekick, Little A. He was a HUGE help and really enjoyed spending some mommy-time with me, baking.

Rolling the malted balls

A glimpse of the cookies just before we placed them in the oven.

And after....

This is my jar of completed chocolate chip and malted cookies. Can't wait to share them this weekend. I think they turned out really well.
Even my little Italian chef guy agrees. Delizioso!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Way back WHEN-sday

Little A's first Hanukkah

Little A's first Christmas
Yes, we do both.
When you have parents that come from 2 different religions, this is what you get.
Back in December of 2004 we celebrated Hanukkah at my mom's house. Little A was just 11 months old and was pretty clueless as to what he was suppose to do with a wrapped gift. He sat and stared, and Big A ended up opening it for him. He received so many gifts that year. One for each day of Hanukkah and then some.

At Christmas time, we normally fly out to NY to visit my in-laws. It's always cold out there at that time of year, and we end packing so many clothes because we are constantly layering everything. This was his second trip out there, and our first time celebrating Christmas with the grandparents. Again, same blank stare at the gifts with me and Big A showing him how to unwrap his gifts.

I look at these pics and he reminds me so much of the D man. Like, I just may have to start labeling these pics because my kids look too much alike.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just around the corner

The holidays are approaching here VERY quickly. Too quickly. Like, wasn't I just eating turkey yesterday or something? Or wasn't I JUST dressing up in my Octomom costume last week?

Well, nevertheless, the holidays are coming and I'm not ready. I don't think I ever am. I buy gifts throughout the year because I find a great deal at the store and I always have someone in mind when I buy it. Then I bring it home, keep it in the bag I bought it in and tuck it away somewhere in my house. Come holiday season, I have NO clue where I hid my gifts--none! I bought this really cute wallet for my friend 5 months ago to give to her for Christmas. Where is it? I don't know. It's frustrating!

Last week at Little A's swim class, they had Santa there. All the kids were able to get their picture taken with him. I had no idea they were going to have this there, but they did and we hopped on it. Here is the result:


Monday, December 7, 2009

The heat is on!

It's been quite a while since I have posted. My weeks and weekends have been filled with tons to do, places to go, people to meet, and not enough time in between.


Thanksgiving. Yes, Thanksgiving (I know it was a while ago, but I haven't blogged about it).....was fun.

It started with Big A corralling his friends and co-workers for his annual Turkey Bowl at the park by our house. It was too cold and too early for me to bring the kids out there, plus I was in the midst of a mash potato fiasco (more on that in a bit). The Turkey Bowl went well though and it was a nice way to start of the holiday.
We went to my mom's house and the entire fam was over for a fabulous feast. My mom made the turkey and had this clever idea of having everyone else who was coming over bring the sides. I'll have to do that some year, but I refuse to make the turkey. Perhaps I can make the cranberry sauce and everyone else can bring sides and the turkey over. It would be much easier for me.

At any rate, I was the designated mashed potato person. Which is great for me because I love making ANYTHING having to do with a potato. YUM! My potatoes turned out great, but I ended up burning my arm in the process. Apparently I forgot that when you are mashing potatoes in a Kitchenaid Mixer (especially after removing them from the boiling pot) that the side of the metal bowl is EXTREMELY hot. So there I was, sitting at the dinner table, with aloe all over my arm and a Spiderman ice-pack. Pretty huh?

I have some pics I took over at my mom's house, but everyone is either passed out on the couch or floor (literally) from too much food. Sorry folks!

Later that weekend, my girlfriends from ASU flew out for the big ASU/UA game (which we lost, sadly). My friends flew in from NJ, WI and CA, and man I miss them so much. We had a wonderful weekend together dining, drinking and going to the game. So much fun! Thank you ladies!!

While I was doing all of this running around business with my friends, I also had to work. SO, I was literally on 3 hours of sleep every time I was going into work. I felt like a college student all over again....how appropriate.

That weekend, I got a speeding ticket.

My first one where I was pulled over by a cop. Ugh....not fun. Was I speeding? Yes, but I was tired and I REALLY wanted to rush home to catch a few z's. Is there anything wrong with that? No one else was on the road. Damn cop.

This past Friday, me and the fam headed over to First Friday. I came out with some great purchases. A few paintings, some jewelry, shirts, and gelato for Little A. I also ran into a friend of mine from HS who owns a salon in that art district. Leanne and another gal from HS, Ashley own this cute salon that I must try out sometime. They are doing really well. Great job ladies!

Afterward, we headed over to the Phx Children's Museum for THEIR First Friday. The kids had a great time and we stayed until they closed at 10. By the time we drove out of the parking lot, the kids were asleep.

On Saturday night, I went out to Baja Tilly's in Tempe to support my comedian friend B Viddy. I've known him since we were about 8-9 years old. He's been pestering me to come out and see his act, and I was glad I did.

On a completely and entirely separate note unrelated to anything on here, we turned on our heat 3 days ago. It is getting THAT cold. Every year I like to see how long we can go before we have to turn the heat on. This year, we made it to December. Kudos for those that live in AZ!!

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