Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Way back WHEN-sday

ca. 1998

WOW.  My senior year of High School.  What a great year!

I really only had 3 classes to take that year, but because I enjoyed being in school and hanging out with my friends, I loaded up a full schedule for myself.  I was okay with that. Actually, I was more than okay. I was a teacher's aide for English and Drama, I had study hall (where we watched movies), and the only 2 "real" courses I had were History and an AP English class.

If I can recall, I didn't have any class the first hour I was there, and neither did my friends. So we hung out in the library until they kicked us out for being too noisy and not really having a true reason to be there. My reason for being there?  Hearing the librarian ask me over and over again (in her East Coast accent), "Don't you have a 1st hour?" Or rather "Don't you have a foist owah?"

She made my day.

So we retreated to the cafeteria.  No one was ever in there.  Not even the cafeteria ladies.  We had the place to ourselves.  We could be as loud as we wanted.  This became our new home for the rest of our last year there. "Cafeteria" was MY first hour.

If I could take back 11 years, I would.  Things were just an absolute blast our senior year.

The themed dances.

The football games.

The parties.

The preparations for college.

Such a great time!

Thank you dear friends for making my last year there a wonderful and fun experience.

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