Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tooth #3

In the midst of my crazy week, I forgot to mention that Little A lost his 3rd tooth.

His teeth are coming out so quickly, that every time I turn around, he's losing another tooth.

When I was younger, it seemed like my loose teeth took weeks before I was able to yank them out. Perhaps I was being a baby about it and was truly just terrified of telling my parents about it. As soon as I mentioned "loose tooth" to them, the Kleenex would come out, followed by a large hand in my mouth twisting it around until it snapped off. My tongue would always quickly go to that empty spot in my mouth. It was squishy and always tasted like blood.

Little A is such a trooper though. Either that, or maybe I am just really great at pulling out his teeth. I twist it quickly and pull it out. No blood, no tears and I watch as his little tongue makes its way to that empty space in his mouth. He knows how cool it feels to be able to do that.

Big A and I are always clueless as to how much to give him. We made the mistake the first time he lost his tooth by giving him $10. Yes, it's quite a bit of money, but bare with me on this....His tooth came out so quickly, and that night the "Tooth Fairy" only had a $10 bill in her wallet. The Tooth Fairy's "assistant" had a $20 bill in his wallet. So you can see their dilemma that night.

But now, 2 teeth later, the "Tooth Fairy" didn't know how much to give and only had $9 singles in her wallet that night. I hope we figure out a good amount soon. He'll be learning the REAL value of money here in no time.

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