Friday, October 9, 2009

Kids TV shows

When I was younger there were only a handful of kids shows that I watched.  Sesame Street, 3-2-1 Contact, Mr Rogers Neighborhood and Wallace & Ladmo (local show only) to name a few.  To this day, I still think those are great shows, and I wish (for the most part) that those shows were still on for my children.

I can credit a few things in life to what I learned on those shows. For instance, I know this sounds crazy, but I remember Big Bird showed me how to cure hiccups by filling up a glass of water, taking a mouthful of it and then bending over with my head down while I swallowed and held my breath for a few seconds. I always tried it when I had the hiccups and it has always worked.  Thanks Big Bird!

Now, I'm not a big advocate of kids watching TV.  But I'm not against kids watching television either.  Most of us watched television as kids and I think we turned out fine. We weren't sitting in front of the TV all day like some kids are doing these days. I moderate what Little A watches on TV all the time as well as how much he is watching.  What I have noticed is that the shows that are on today are absolute garbage.

Now, I'd like to think that I can sit down with him and enjoy a good show or two.  Or at least feel somewhat comfortable plopping him in front of the tube for a bit while I get a few household things done.  There may be a good program that comes on, right?  Actually, there are some that I can tolerate, but for the most part, the shows are horrible, scary and are literally making them lose some brain cells in the process.

Here is my quick review on some of the shows:

Caillou: I can't stress enough just how much I despise this show!!  If he were my kid, I would put him in time-out for a LONG time. He is sooooooo whiny.  Plus I hate the fact that he has no hair.  I mean really, shouldn't he have hair by now?

Max and Ruby: Could someone please tell me where their mother is??  Someone, anyone? You see their grandmother and that's it. And I really hate the fact that Ruby bosses her little brother around.

Dragon Tales: Freaking annoying . . . the shy dragon, the big dumb dragon, the conjoined twins . . . . come on!!


Wow Wow Wubbzy: He looks like a deformed Pokemon.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Lame show and I am still trying to make some sense of it. Why does it look like that guy has a duster on his head?

Boobah: They are fat and yell "BOOBAH!" all the time. Like, who in their right mind thought that this was educational and worthy of a spot on TV. Also, why do they resemble Jabba?

Teletubbies: I feel like I am tripping on acid when I watch this.  They need to meet the Boobahs. I'm sure they'll all have a highly intellectual conversation.

Little Bill: Once again, another seemingly bald kid. What the heck is going on with these bald kids? He also has a creepy smile.

Blues Clues: Why did they get rid of Steve? He rocked the house on that show. The new guy, Joe, ruined Blue's Clues for me.

This is Steve by the way.

Dora the Explora (how I think it should be spelled): Her friend is a monkey with no clothes on. No wait! He has shoes, so that makes it ok. Also why doesn't she have any parental supervision?

Go Diego Go:  He pets animals that would kill you in real life. He has no sense of direction. And once again, another show with no parental supervision.

Charlie and Lola: Charlie and Lola have an annoying accent.  And if I hear Lola say "Ohhhhhhhh Chaaaawwwwwlie" one more time, I will punch her. Her and Caillou need to form a whining group. 

Little Einsteins: are nothing close to smart.

Higgly Town Heroes: wobble too much, and are too fat. Plus, they look too much like Russian nesting dolls.

Jo Jo's Circus:  She is a clown. Literally. And we all know how much I like clowns, right?

Doodle Bop's: *shudder* WTF!!! This show is one hot mess.  I can't stand it.  They are hideous, and hurt my ears. The girl looks like Stephanie from Lazytown (don't even get me started on that show either) all grown up and on crack, the drummer looks like Animal from the Muppet Show, and the guitarist looks like a cross between Justin Guarini and the Blue Man group.

The Wiggles: 4 grown men singing and dancing with kids...ugh. These are the types of guys that I warn my kids to stay away from. What's funny is that these guys formed this show after their attempt at forming a rock band failed. They always look hungover and one reason I really hate them is because I heard that stupid "Fruit Salad" song and have never been able to get it out of my head.

OK, I really can't go on much more, you get the point. All of these shows are driving me nuts!!  What do you think about some of these shows??


Bekah said...

I LOOOOVED your assessment of all these shows and couldn't agree with you more!! I am sooo strict about how much and what my kids watch. We are a PBS family (with the exception of the shows you mentioned and Barney. I can't stand that idiot!). Ava LOVES Super Why, Dinosaur Train and Word World (she only gets to watch one or two every other day or so). And I gotta say, I don't mind them. She's learned some great things from each of them. They get my "TV Nazi" seal of approval.

Lani said...

OMG I haaaaate Caillou. The absolute worst EVER.

And Dragon Tales is pretty horrible too, especially old one that talks with a "Latino" accent. It makes me want to scream.

Mommy Dear said...

Jojo's circus is a really good show! And sorry, but I have to disagree with you on those PBS shows. My kids grew up with them and I love them! Ha!

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