Tuesday, October 27, 2009

4 more days.....

.....until HALLOWEEN!!

Oh I can hardly wait.

I still need to figure out what costume I am going to wear to Little A's school on Friday. They are having a Halloween carnival. I certainly can't show up wearing my Octomom costume. The kids will have no clue who I am. I'll probably end up going as a butterfly or fairy of some sort. I KNOW I have those costumes from previous years tucked away somewhere.

The D man will be wearing one of Little A's costumes...probably Tigger.

Little A is going as Optimus Prime and he can't stop talking about it. I think there are about 2 other boys in his class who are going as Transformers, so I'm looking forward to seeing what their costumes look like.

Big A is suppose to be a hot dog. It was not exactly his choice. In fact, for some reason when people asked Little A what him and his family were going to be for Halloween he kept mentioning that his dad was going to be a hot dog. I think it's hysterical. Have you seen what the adult hot dog costume looks like? See picture below.

I KNOW that Big A can pull this off. He still has to go get it, but I know I'll be laughing my ass of when he's walking around the neighborhood in this costume. Wait a minute...shouldn't Halloween be scary and not a laughing fest?

Anyway, I photo-edited some pics of us just in time for Halloween.


I simply couldn't bring myself to make the D man scary.....


Unknown Mami said...

Some those pictures are spooky!

Virginia (Jenny) said...

Those pics are great! Ha ha. My church usually puts on a big party for the kids but this year they are doing a play instead called The Dark Circus. I think we will take the kids to Shnepp Farms for their Halloween fun this year.

Mommy Dear said...

Hot Dog! Love it!

Have fun trick-or-treating!

Lani said...

OMG I am laughing NOW about Adam in a hot dog costume. Make sure to post pics. HAHAHAHA

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