Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Way back WHEN-sday

8th grade
ca. 1993/1994

I look at this pic and wonder why I thought rolled up shorts were cool.

I was in middle school over at good ol' O.M.S. (GO FIREHAWKS!!). It was my last year there before heading off to high school.

Any time I think of 8th grade, I think about this picture. I was amongst a great group of friends and this would be the last year I would see any of them for a VERY long time. Most of them were going to the same high school, or at least the same district. My family was moving into a different school district and I would be meeting an entirely new group of people. That was fine, but for the first month or so of High School, I missed my friends from O.M.S.

Luckily through networking, the internet and even just being out, I have been able to get in touch with everyone in the picture above.

Relationships aren't always lost.

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Xandi said...

It was definitely hard for me going from the Clarendon/OMS crowd to the WHS crowd. I literally ate alone for a good 1-2 wks of my freshman year. I remember calling my mom on the payphone just crying because everyone was just so different and clicky and I finally had to ask a group of girls if I could eat lunch with them. They looked at me like a was crazy. That was probably one of the most pathetic moments in my life lol. Really a hard adjustment. I didn't have the best group of kids that I hung out with at Osborn, so probably a good move on my moms part making me switch to WHS.

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