Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Way Back WHEN-sday

I am getting a tad bit tired of the whole "Wordless Wednesday" thing. You know, posting a picture that basically says a thousand words so you don't have to actually write?

My friend Lise had a swell idea on her page that I am going to adopt. It's called "Way Back When-sday." I like it better because it will allow me to share pics that I wouldn't otherwise have a reason for sharing on here. Yeah, I may have to write from time to time to explain the picture, but I can adopt another day to post a picture and take a day off from writing, right?

So welcome to my new "Way back WHEN-sday" blog and enjoy some of my pics......from my past.

December 2004 New York
We were visiting my in-laws at their home in NY. This was Little A's 2nd trip out there. He always has such a great time visiting them. This trip was special for him because this was his first time in the snow. His little nose was getting so cold and I am pretty sure that not too long after this picture was taken, he started to cry.

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Mommy Dear said...

It's like "Wandering Wednesdays" - just worded better! :-)

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