Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Reading early

A month ago I saw this on TV, and Big A and I were so impressed with what we saw. Recognized expert and Infant Researcher, Dr. Robert C. Titzer developed a program to help your child learn to read early. He states that there is a "natural window of opportunity" for a child to learn to read between the age of 3 months to 5 years (which I think most of us moms already knew.) During this time, children can not only learn to speak a language but can learn the written word as well.

Now, I'm never a sucker for some of these infomercials that sell me things like the Tiddy Bear or the Rejuvenique Facial Mask or the Snuggie for dogs, but after reading up on this doctor as well as seeing the various children online and on TV that are recognizing words as young as 6 months--I'm impressed.

The D man is already 10 months old, and I read that it would still be a good age to purchase this item. So I think we're going to try it.

Anyone tried or heard about this program?


Bekah said...

I've seen that informercial too and was so tempted to buy it, until I read some reviews online and talked to a friend who had it. She said yes, her child was reading, but only through word recognition. She said the program doesn't teach kids how to actually sound words out. She said her little boy was by no means reading novels (like one little boy in the infomercial) and really, now that he's in 2nd grade, he's not too far ahead of most kids in his class. I dunno, it is still tempting, though :)

Lise said...

I've seen it, too. As a teacher, I have to say I'm not a fan. Here's why: 1) Kids have to spend a minimum of 13 YEARS in school. I figure the first 4-5 years of their lives should be focused on fun and just being a kid.

2) Like the other comment said, by the time kids get a few years into school, they all pretty much even out academically. That's assuming that they have parental support at home. If you're the type of parent who wants to teach your kid to read before school even starts, you're also the type of parent who will support your kid all through school - so there's no real need to start so early. If you help your kid at home, chances are he will do well at school anyway, without this "jump start".

3) Teaching your baby to read WILL put him ahead in Kindergarten. The biggest problem with that is the kids who go into K already knowing their letters, sounds and some sight words will be bored and could become behavior problems. Teaching first grade, I saw that ALL the time. The kids who already knew what I was teaching (because they'd been taught it at home) developed attitude problems because they felt they were smarter than all the other kids. And typically they would start acting out during lessons because they were bored.

Woah - long comment. Okay, that's my two, er three, cents. :o)

Xandi said...

I was tempted as well, but read some pretty negative reviews, so opted out of investing in it. A friend of mine has a son who started kindergarten this year and has been reading since he was 4 and is BORED to death in class since they are working on the basics. He comes home everyday complaining that he's bored. She spoke with the teacher and she's now loading him down with homework (at least an hours worth every night) which is ridiculous since he's only 5!

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