Thursday, September 17, 2009

One black purse too many

If there is one thing that I really like, it's purses.

Not shoes, not some name brand coat or blouse, but a purse. It doesn't have to be a designer purse by any means either (we're all on a budget here aren't we?). I like any purse really. Big ones, small ones, 2 handles, 1 handle, no handle, clutches, totes, swaggers, satchels, envelopes, hobo bags, pouches, minaudieres, shoulder bags--you name it.

It never fails too, any time I go shopping for something completely unrelated to clothing or accessories like a trash bin, I always end up looking at purses. They are just so cute and I love thinking about different outfits that I could wear with those purses too.

But I have a slight problem.

What is it?

Glad you asked.
I only have black purses.

Ugh, I know. You're asking, why does someone who absolutely loves purses have only black purses? Well, if I knew the answer to that question I wouldn't have this problem, would I?

My explanation is this. Black goes with everything. So I think that when I purchase a black purse, I KNOW it will match almost everything in my wardrobe.

About a month ago I went purse shopping. As in, I actually went to the store for the sole purpose of buying a purse. Not the situation I explained a couple paragraphs back about shopping for other things and ending up in the purse section--NO. I went to this store with the intent of buying a new purse. I wanted to branch out a bit and get something different.

"Something with color." I told myself.

I saw a red clutch, a mustard shoulder bag, and a purple hobo bag. All were priced reasonably and felt really great when I held them. What I ended up with was a grey purse instead.

So much for branching out.

It was super cute and it looked great with the outfit I had on at the time. For some reason I don't have the balls to buy a colored purse. I can't do it.

One of my co-workers loves purses as well. The only difference between her and I is the fact that she really only buys colored purses. Every time she walks into work, I can't help but notice her purse. Always a different style, a new fresh color and SO cute! So I hit her up last week and asked her if she could just become my purse shopper for me because I, for some reason, am unable to buy a colored purse. She obliged and hit me up this past weekend with a cell photo of this Kathy Van Zeeland purse she saw at the store:

Same style, but the purse in this pic is brown and the one she was looking at was orange. I loved it, but I told her, "If it's something that you would get for yourself--get it."

And she did.

And now, I am happy to announce that I am the proud owner of a colored purse.


Chef Eureka said...

I have a black purse and a brown purse, but I want a new purse :)

Hopped over to visit you from the SITS site :)

Unknown Mami said...

Awesome! The thing is it will end up going with so many more things than you expected it to.

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