Sunday, September 6, 2009

Finding Family

Last year, I started taking my son to swim class at the SwimKids by our home. Every time we go there, we have to give the front desk our name and they hand us a wristband which let's us know which station Little A needs to go to for his lesson.

I'll let you know where this is all headed in a second.
I noticed that every time I gave the front desk our last name, the gal kept asking me which "K" I was.

"K" is referring to my last name, by the way.

Finally, I asked her why she kept asking me that. Was there another member of the K Family taking swim lessons? There was. She gave me the name of the child who shared the same last name as us. I informed Big A that there was another child at this swim place that shared our last name and she could perhaps be related to us.
Big A approached the father and we came to find out that we were indeed related. Small world, right? Had we never taken swim lessons there, had we never been booked at the same time as that girl, and had I never asked, we would have never found out that we had another relative living just a few miles from our home.

Well today, while my in-laws were in town, we decided to get the rest of the K Family together for some brunch at Crackers and Co Cafe. That place has delicious food and I definitely recommend it.

We found out that Little A and the D man have a cousin. She's just 1 month younger than Little A and they got along sooooo incredibly well. Here are some pics from the brunch:

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