Friday, September 25, 2009

The babies have arrived.....

....for my costume at least.

This Halloween I am going as Octomom.

After some well thought out planning and some creativity (from myself of course), I have decided to go as Nadya Suleman.

Slowly but surely I have been gathering the bits and pieces for my costume. It's been pretty easy and will probably be the cheapest costume I have ever put together.

Nadya's scraggly hair?

Noah, Maliyah, Isaiah, Nariyah, Makai, Josiah, Jeremiah and Jonah?


Stupid black or dark striped shirt that I feel she wears all the time?

Possible check!
(I am sure I own something similar to this flattering garment)

Big Angelina Jolie lips?

May or may not need to get them.

Still need to purchase them, but if I don't, I can definitely draw some fabulous big lips on myself.

And there you have it. My costume for Halloween 2009!!


Chef Eureka said...

LOL.. omg, that's soooo funny :) what a great idea! Are you going to stuff all those babies up your shirt?

Mommy Dear said...

Yes---that's the same kit---I think it's darling.

I can't WAIT to see your costume! Are you sewing the babies into your blouse???

Bobby wanted us to go as a "Publishers Clearing House" couple!! He'd be in moo-moo and rollers, and I'd be in a suit with a huge check!! Ha! NOT THIS YEAR.....

LiLu said...

Hahaha LOVE it! You definitely need to spring for the Angie lips!

Lise said...

Love, Love, LOVE it!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the whole ensemble!!!

MotherGoose518 said...

It's not complete unless you include her other 6 children!

Xandi said...

Love that idea. I almost want to steal it from you ;-P. Daryl and I are finally dressing up this year (haven't done that since I was a milk maid back when Tatum was a baby). I'm clueless what we should do. Send me some ideas if you have any :)).

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