Monday, August 10, 2009

Stacie's Baby Shower

Ok, I admit. I am not a huge fan of baby showers. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's the person that actually organizes or "de-organizes" it as I like to call it, that makes it a pretty boring place to be. I'm not one to talk though because I have never really had a baby shower. I've had a "meet the baby" party, but never a shower. Primarily because we never know what we are having until the baby is born and there is nothing I hate more than receiving a plethora of green and yellow outifts. No thanks....I'll wait until the baby is here to have a shower/party.

I'll tell you what though...I went to one of the BEST baby showers I have ever been to and I am STILL talking about it.

On Saturday, I headed over to Stacie's house for her baby shower. She is expecting her 2nd son, Levi, in October (kinda hoping she delivers a week early though because it's my birthday).

Note to Stacie: Please take a gentle stroll outside or pedal your stationary bike (if you have one) on or around October 10th please. Thanks!

Everything was entirely well orchestrated so I think that's what made it a fun baby shower to be at. Above all, Tiffany, the organizer (notice how I didn't say "de-organizer"?) did a really great job of bringing new games to a baby shower that I have never seen/heard before. I thought I would share some of the ideas with you to use at your baby showers....ahem....if you are expecting a baby anytime soon.

One of the games entailed everyone to grab a can of play-doh and form the doh into a baby. Everyone had 5 minute to do it and when everyone was done, Stacie had to come out and pick her favorite. Here were the results:

I got stuck with brown play-doh. Figured that since I am brown I should make a brown baby. Well mine looked more like Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo from South Park than anything else.

Another game we played was called "Baby's 1st food." We had 30 seconds to single-handedly grab as many cotton balls as we could with a huge spoon and dump them into a nearby bowl. Not as easy as it looks. I won this game and I was only able to place 38 cotton balls in there. Stacie kept grabbing a lot but kept missing the bowl.

One of the other games we played was something that I think can be used as part of an office "break the ice" game. We each grabbed a green napkin, placed it behind our backs and had to tear it into the shape of a t-shirt. We were finished once we brought our hands in front of us along with our "shirts." Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the game, but mine resembled a caterpillar.

We played our last game while Stacie opened up each gift. Trust me, this definitely added a little more excitement to the shower. We created a bingo grid (5 x 5) of baby gifts that we thought she was going to open. We were allowed to duplicate gifts like diapers and onesies, but we couldn't add more than 2 to the bingo board. We all had a free space (although I didn't find out later that it HAD to be in the middle)....can't I be a little different? Oh well, I won that game too!

The cupcakes were a yummy treat to end the shower with and we all received a little gift from Levi.
Can't wait to meet him Stacie!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Lady! I have never left a message on your blog before but I assure you I do read them and look forward to reading them. Your sense of humor always leaves my tummy hurting from laughing so hard. It's the best medicine for the soul:o)

I am so happy you liked the games. Your right, I was worried when I read the first couple of lines :o) Stephanie, the other hostess, was really nice at letting me take charge of the baby shower games. I too think showers can sometimes be a bit boring. Especially when you have been to a few and play the same games over and over again. Well, I really made it my goal to make sure each game was unique so that no one got bored.

I wish I could take full credit for all the games but I did stumble upon an amazing website where I got most of the ideas from.

So, now that the secret is out, check out the website when your looking for ideas for a baby shower/welcome home baby party.

It was great seeing you Michelle. Keep up the great Bloggin'!


Lorie said...

The t-shirt game does sound fun! And the bingo idea is brilliant.

And the free space is ALWAYS in the middle! ;D

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