Sunday, August 2, 2009

Spaghetti Oh HELL no!!

I had some SERIOUS grocery shopping to do this weekend.


We literally had no food in the house.

Maybe some canned veggies, a few oranges, and cereal (with no milk of course so what's the use).

Little A was hungry and would not wait for me to make a trip to the grocery store. I had no idea what to make him. We had no bread, no pasta, no chips, no PB and J, no cheese and nothing to drink.

The ONLY thing I could find was a jar of Spaghetti O's. Thank God...or so I thought! It wasn't expired which was great, but he had never had it before and is not into soupy things like that. I tried to show him the happy Spaghetti O's dude on the front of the can to psych him up, but he didn't want it and said it was yucky.

Typical of a 5 year old who thinks things are yucky without even trying them. So he sat at the table and sulked the entire time.

If I were his age, I would've tried them. I mean, back in my day, I thought this can was appealing......

Nothing like 2 kooky eyes and a smile (with a mouth infection) to get a kid into wanting this food. YUM.

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