Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's not Halloween yet. Is it?

The kids and I were in Target the other day. Love that store by the way. I shop entirely too much there. Anyways, we were heading toward the boy's clothing section when we saw a group of teens shopping for purses. They were dressed just like the following pics I am about to post:

Sans the wings of course
This is a dude by the way.
Call it "Goth", call it "Emo" or call it "What the heck were they thinking when they walked out of the house looking like that?"

I don't quite understand why these people love to dress up in the most exorbitant outfit possible other than to get a shock value from others. Apparently they think it's Halloween every day. One of the girls was even wearing a cape. You know....the one your little boy will probably wear in October when he dresses like a vampire for Halloween?

Little A was sooo thrown off by these teens that he asked me if the girl wearing the cape was "Bat Girl." Not many of you may know this about Little A, but his voice is loud....VERY loud. So loud, that when we are out in public EVERYONE and their mother hears him. He's a funny kid though and he LOVES to talk.

So when we walked by, he asked me not once, not twice, but 3 times (in an increasing volume) if the girl looking at the purse was 'Bat Girl.' I was soooo embarrassed and tried to change the subject quickly....telling him "Shhhh" every time he asked.

Two Target employees were looking at me and chuckling because they overheard him. I explained to him that she isn't "Bat Girl," but that some people like to dress like that.

"They like to dress like a Bat Girl?" he asked me.

"Ugh, yeah sometimes they dress up like a Bat Girl, but we don't wear anything like that, right?"

He agreed.....thankfully.

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Virginia (Jenny) said...

Man, I KNOW what you mean. My boys used to think all old men with white beards were God. One time they saw one getting out of their car with crutches and this is how it went.

"Oh, look. There's God."

"Hi God!"

"Oh, God. You have broken legs!"

"I'm sorry you have broken legs God!"

This guy was not very happy and was scowling at us. What can I say?

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